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Installation of 2.0 switches

Function & Wire Correspondence:

Left switch:

Right switch:

Connection of turn signals with the "Multi Flasher Relay" module

Installation video:


The user manual

This manual only applies to REMMOTORCYCLE switches. It contains important notes on safety and handling. Carefully read the instructions, especially the safety instructions, in their entirety before using the switch unit on your vehicle. Failure to follow this instruction manual may result in damage to the vehicle, impair road safety or cause accidents.

Be sure to keep this manual for future use. If you pass on the switch unit to a third party, please pass on these operating instructions to the appropriate person.


Intended use

REMMOTORCYCLE 2.0 switches for 22 mm motorcycle handlebars are used for the indirect control of vehicle electrical circuit functions via an electronic control module, e.g. Axel Joost for the indicator function.

The characteristics of the push buttons:

250VAC 3A - IP45

The characteristics of the switches:

0.5A 50V DC; Resistance: 30mΩ Max, Insulation Resistance: 100mΩ Min at 500V DC; Withstand voltage: AC 500V for 1 min

Switches are universal. The mounting possibilities depend on the compatibility with the handlebar and with the other electronic components.

Safety instructions

This product is dangerous for children and people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacities (e.g. people with partial disabilities or elderly people with reduced physical and mental capacities) or people who do not have not have the required experience or knowledge (eg older children).

Keep the packaging film and the small parts of the supplied equipment out of the reach of children. Risk of suffocation.

Risk of short circuit

Electrical installation and mechanical assembly on the vehicle must be carried out in accordance with the regulations. Incorrect assembly can lead to short circuits or malfunctions of the on-board electrical system.

During assembly, it is essential to observe the information contained in the vehicle operating instructions or in a maintenance and repair manual corresponding to the model, as well as the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer and the operating instructions of the control module used.

Before carrying out work on the vehicle's electrical system, it is essential to disconnect the vehicle's battery.

No traction force must be exerted on the electric cables, even when the steering is fully turned. They must be passed in such a way as to be protected, not to be stuck and not to suffer any rubbing or bending.

Risk of injury

During assembly work, make sure that the vehicle is completely stable and that the workplace is well lit.



Raise your vehicle safely (using a paddock stand or the vehicle's center stand) in a clean, well-lit area. The battery must be disconnected before starting work (disconnect the minus cable).


  1. Remove handles, throttle grips and old switchboards.
  2. Loosen the two M3 screws of the stalks. The 2 parties must remain linked.
  3. Slide the controls into place.
  4. You can tighten the M3 screws on the back of the switches.
  5. Connect the cables to the motorcycle's electrical harness using the connection diagrams at the top of the page.

Risk of short circuit!

Connect the switching unit according to the corresponding connection diagram and the connection diagram of the control module of the electronic button control. To do this, scrupulously follow the instructions contained in the assembly instructions for the electronic button control. Assign the plus and minus terminals to the corresponding controlled function according to the diagrams.

Once the cables are connected, the disconnected battery must be reconnected. The controlled electrical functions of the vehicle can now be checked.


Store the unassembled switching unit in the original packaging in a closed room protected from weather and moisture.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean the switch unit with warm soapy water or motorcycle cleaner and a soft cloth. Never use any cleaning product that can attack aluminium.

Legal guarantee

This product is covered by the two-year legal warranty. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase. Any signs of wear, improper use or use for purposes other than intended, damage due to accident, tampering or attempted repair by unauthorized customer service or person, or any product modified on the technical plan are excluded from the guarantee.


For any questions concerning the product and/or these instructions, please contact, before using the product for the first time, our after-sales service center by e-mail at the address: contact@remmotorcycle.com

We will help you as soon as possible. In this way, we together guarantee the correct use of the product.