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November 03, 2021

Today, Bertrand presents his prepared CB750 to us.

Here is the bike before the preparation:

And here it is in the process of being assembled:

Tell us your story with this preparation (Why this style? Why this model? ...)

Hello, I found the cafe racer style, very interesting to have a personalized motorcycle with a nice look, after some advice from a friend who knows a lot more about it than me ... I left on a base that is lent itself rather well to it; a Honda cb 750 Seven fifty from 1993. Ideas full of ideas, internet research for advice and a bit of work anyway ... after a few months, I am proud of my result! it's my first motorcycle that I modify, not too bad for a pastry chef!!!


What modifications have you made to your motorcycle?

I modified the front and rear to turn it into a cafe racer.

Have you used REMMOTORCYCLE parts? If yes, which ones?

yes ; headlight, taillight, bracelet handlebar, indicators, speedometer, handles.


Our comment:

The line of the saddle blends well with the line of the tank. The paint on the tank is superb. Good job!

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