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November 27, 2020

Today, Philippe presents his Monkey 125. Iconic mini motorcycle with its horizontal 4-stroke engine.

Motorcycle Brand: SKYTEAM

Model: Monkey 125

Have you used REMMOTORCYCLE parts? If yes, which ones?

No, I just discovered you with the original dax frame that you offer...


The frame in question: Frame DAX - MONKEY - Mini 4-stroke with tank, saddle and LED - REMMOTORCYCLE

Tell us your story with this preparation:

In the beginning, a small motorbike was just to go easily to work. So I entered this world through the back door. Very quickly, I wanted to improve it. The main goal being to be able to do rides with my mini. increase in fuel capacity, preparation of the engine to climb the roads of the passes in my region (the southern Alps)... It's a real pleasure...

Thank you for sharing Philippe :)

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