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Simplified Complete Aluminum Motorcycle Switch

référence: X001E23HOR

  • High build quality
  • Billet aluminum
  • Complete model
  • For 22mm handlebars
  • Exclusive Remmotorcycle
  • 72 hour delivery
  • Sold in pairs.
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Opt for a pair of vintage motorcycle switchboards for your motorcycle.

The stalks are the parts that group the electrical controls of the motorcycle. It is an essential when riding as a biker uses them all the time.

Their replacement is recommended to have a neat, uncluttered and functional cockpit.

In addition, the original motorcycle switches are often unattractive and disproportionate in size.

Are your motorcycle switches outdated? Are they too big? The buttons no longer work properly?

Discover our pair of complete motorcycle switchboards . They are made of CNC 6061 billet aluminum .

motorcycle switch function

The left stalk switch, also called motorcycle indicator stalk switch, is composed as follows:

  • A button for the horn
  • A button to turn on the high beams
  • A 3-position switch for the indicators.

And on the rear part, a button that can be used for headlight calls.

The simplified right motorcycle commodo is composed of:

  • A start button
  • A button that can be used for lights or warnings
  • A circuit breaker switch.

And on the back part, a button that can be used for the counter for example.

This is a high quality product. The frame and the buttons are made of aluminum cut in the mass.

The controls are installed on a 22 mm handlebar .

The wires are installed in a braided sleeve .

You can install them on both sides, left and right.

Installing the switches is simple . Just replace the original switches with the new ones then connect the wires instead of the wires of the original switches and you're done.

You don't have to wire anything on the universal switch, the wires are already installed .

These universal switches can be installed on all motorcycles and ideally on your Royal Enfield , your Honda , your Triumph , or any other brand with 22mm handlebars.

Dimensions in picture:

vintage motorcycle switchboard dimensions

Installation examples:

vintage motorcycle switchgear example 1
vintage motorcycle switchboard example 2
vintage motorcycle switchgear example 3

Video demonstration:

Test and Installation on Royal Enfield Interceptor by Bavure Garage:

The correspondence of the wires for the connection:

Left switch:

Yellow wires: button on the back

Gray Wires: Horn

Green wires: Full headlight

White wires: Left and right

Black Wire: Flashing Negative

Right switch:

Yellow wires: button on the back

Red wires: circuit breaker switch

Green wires: left button

Gray wires: start button

The matching wires for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650:

Another Royal Enfield with this product:

Gray - Chrome version installed on this magnificent Norton Dominator SS:

Chrome gray dressers

Note :

Sold by 2 / by pair.

Gray model available within 7-10 days.