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Solo saddle + 1 for the duo

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  • Solo seat with removable second seat
  • Superior quality
  • Single product REMMOTORCYCLE
  • Handcrafted
  • The saddle is customizable







Finally a product to ride a bobber without getting divorced!

Discover the solo saddle which hides a second saddle for your rides in duo .
Raise the solo saddle, unfold the second seat, and off you go for 2-person bobber rides.
The product is entirely handmade .
The saddle is made of comfortable foam , a thick aluminum saddle bottom and a black, white or brown colored PU.

The seams are made diamond or straight . The PU is punched with precision on the saddle bottom.

The saddle is customizable, in fact, the product is produced to order. Manufacturing times are 3-5 weeks.

It can be mounted as much on a bobber, chopper or other project.

The kit is composed of:
- A solo saddle
- A small seat
- A protection plate
- A support for the solo saddle
- A support for the seat
- A support to fix
- A hardware kit
The protection plate and the bracket to be fixed are to be installed directly on the frame.
The correct fixing of the support to be fixed is essential to avoid a divorce or worse, because the passenger may have a bad time.

Video presentation :

Presentation of an installation:

Model shown: Black colour, white diamond stitching.

In single-player mode.

Opening, We raise the solo saddle.

The plate and the support are fixed on the frame.
The saddle support is fixed on the frame, the secondary seat support is fixed on the support already fixed on the frame.

We rotate the seat to take it out and then we can reposition the solo saddle.

Let's go for the ride for 2.

Presentation of a black saddle with straight and white stitching:

Dimensions to consider for installation:


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