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Jeremy's Honda 650 Dominator scrambler

May 05, 2021

La Honda 650 Dominator scrambler de Jérémy

Motorcycle brand: HONDA

Motorcycle model: 650 DOMINATOR

Year of motorcycle: 1988

Tell us your story with this preparation (Why this style? Why this model? ...)

"Hello. My name is Jérémy, I am a motorcycle and mechanical enthusiast of all kinds with his little knowledge and experience.
I had my first motorcycle at 7 years old and it would be unthinkable not to have at least one more in the garage.
I found this 88 Dominator that I call domintapeur 😜 at the bottom of a barn in very average condition. Given that I already had one in superb condition and all original, given the condition, I took the liberty of embarking on this project that had been in my head for a while, it took me 5 months on my free time to do it.
I had a lot of motorcycles and Honda is a brand that I particularly like for their robustness. This model is easily modified according to your creativity and the parts are still findable and affordable. The single cylinders are really fun to drive and their particular sound which I love.
Why this style? because I like the spirit of being able to go wandering on paths stopping in a field with a superb panorama even if she is more of a bitumen swallower. Today I went on a bratsyle prep on a yamaha sr 500 to cruise for two. I wish everyone a good ride 🏍💨🤘"

Here is a BEFORE / AFTER with the original model:

What modifications have you made to your motorcycle?

  • Tank 125 DTMX
  • Modified rear frame
  • Homemade rear loop with integrated led strip
  • Upper and lower tee fork frame sand then painted with satin finish
  • Paint cylinder and rocker cover and rim in black.
  • Remmotorcycle handlebar, speedometer and saddle.
  • Led front turn signal
  • Brown handle
  • Round headlight with satin black painted casing.
  • Tire tkc80
  • Air filter KN
  • Reworked front fender
  • Manifold 500 gse modified Silencer that trailed
  • Cylinder piston cylinder head valve and camshaft redone.
  • Black painted aluminum side plate
  • Homemade bag

Have you used REMMOTORCYCLE parts? If yes, which ones?

Saddle and meter

A photo at the beginning of the project:

Note that part of the rear frame has been cut. The tank was placed in order to define the line of the motorcycle for the installation of the buckle.

The project is progressing well:

Here is the Domintapeur with his girlfriend:


A little word from Remmotorcycle:

Thanks Jeremy for sharing.

Thank you also for your positive feedback regarding the durability of the saddle after more than 2 years of use.

Can't wait to see your next preparation.

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