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Olivier's Yamaha SR125

May 03, 2021

La Yamaha SR125 d'Olivier

Motorcycle brand: YAMAHA

Motorcycle model: 125 SR

Year of the motorcycle: Not communicated

Tell us your story with this preparation (Why this style? Why this model? ...)

"motorcycle prepared for the pleasure of making a motorcycle like no other, made by the desire of the moment, it was in 2015.... still in my possession"

Here is a BEFORE / AFTER with the original model:

What modifications have you made to your motorcycle?

  • cut frame
  • homemade saddle
  • tank change 50 mbk
  • handlebar
  • small front headlight
  • fork lowered by 3 cm
  • fat tire
  • engine paint
  • battery tray
  • horn filter
  • small old school tail light

Have you used REMMOTORCYCLE parts? If yes, which ones?

"not for this model, for the current one..."

More pics:

A little word from Remmotorcycle:

Congratulations Olivier for this achievement.

We find the bratstyle spirit in your preparation with a point of originality with this tank.

Indeed, it gives the bike an unusual line.

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