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  • Honda CB Café Racer

    Honda CB Café Racer


    There HONDA CB is an emblematic range of motorcycles manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Honda.  


    Honda CB Four

    750 oven test by Caradisiac 


    She is renowned for her versatility, her reliability and his performance.

    Easily found on the used market at a good price, she does not escape the fada of customization and mainly for transformation Racer coffee style.


    Popular honda cb coffee racer model

    There are many popular models of Honda CB motorcycles that have been transformed intoCafe Racers over the years.

    The choice of model often depends on the owner's preferences and the availability of motorcycles on the market.

    However, some modelsHONDA CB are more commonly used as a basis for cafe races because of their popularity and their personalization potential.


    Here are some of these flagship models cafe racer honda:

    • Honda CB750 : The Honda CB 750 Seven Fifty, in particular the Cafe Racer modelCB 750 Four, is one of the most emblematic motorcycles in the history of the motorcycle. It is often chosen as a basis for cafe races because of its robust design and its Online four -cylinder engine.

    CB750 Coffee

    HondaCB750 CAFE RACERfrom 1993 byCustom HB


    • Honda CB550 : ThereHonda CB 500 CAFE RACER is a lighter and more handy motorcycle than the Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer, making it a popular choice for Cafe Racer Honda CB. It has a classic aesthetic and a four -cylinder engine, making it an ideal base for customizations.


    Video radical transformation of aHonda CB500 Café Racer


    These models are popular because of their availability on the used motorcycle market and their personalization potential.


    Technical aspect of modification

    Cafe Racer motorcycles are known for their vintage appearance, minimalist aesthetics and retro design.


    Here are some common changes found on aHonda cb cafe racer :

    • Personalized framework : Cafe Racers often have a modified or personalized frame to give the motorcycle a more aggressive and refined appearance. Mainly therear loop Motorcycle is replaced to house the Cafra saddle.

    Racer Coffee Backp


    • Low handlebars (bracelet handlebars): THEClip-on handlebars Orclubman are commonly used to obtain a more tilted driving position, which is characteristic ofCafe Racers.

    Racer coffee handlebars

    • Saddle Café Racer : Cafe Racers generally have asaddle unique, small and minimalist, often with a bump or arear shell For a classic look.

    Saddle Café Racer

    • Fuel tank : THEreservoir fuel is often changed or replaced by a smaller and more refined tank to obtain the classic appearance of aCAFE RACER.

    Racer coffee tank

    • Exhaust outlet : Type exhaust systemssilent are added to improve motorcycle performance and give it a single sound. In photo a popular model the "Megaphone".

    Coffee Racer exhaust

    • Vintage lighthouse : Cafe Racers generally wear components with retro style, such asround headlights, minimalist instrumentation and design elements that recall motorcycles from the 1960s.

    Racer before café 


    In conclusion, the transformation of aHONDA CB inCAFE RACER is much more than just motorcycle customization. It is an artistic approach that skillfully mixes nostalgia forClassic motorcycles With the search for performance and style.

    Each Cafe Racer is A unique work, a creation that reflects the vision and personality of its owner.

    Remmotorcyle offers you a wide choice of parts to transform yourHONDA CB In real Racer coffee! Feel free to Contact us!

    Send us pictures of your Honda CB Café Racer!

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