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  • How to choose these motorcycle commodos?

    September 07, 2023

    Comment choisir ces commodos de moto ?


    Definition : "THE "motorcycle switch", also called a "handlebar switch", is a set of controls located on the handlebars of a motorcycle.

    These orders allow the motorcyclist to control different functions of the motorcycle without having to let go of the handlebar or leave a safe driving position.


    In this article we will dissect the motorcycle switch to help you choose the model that suits you!

    You will also see advantages commodosREMM 2.0 HD developed thanks to biker reviews.


    Example of installing the model on a Buell XB


    What are the main functions of motorcycle controls?


    THE main functions generally controlled by motorcycle controls include:


    • Headlights : Motorcycle switches allow you to turn the motorcycle's headlights on or off. They can also allow you to change between low beam and high beam.


    • Circuit breaker : The kill switch button on the switch allows you to completely cut off the electrical power to the motorcycle, often used to completely turn off the motorcycle when parked.


     Remmotorcycle 2.0 circuit breaker headlight

    • Honk : This is a sound device which can warn other road users in the event of danger or to attract their attention.

    Commodo start horn 

    • Startup : The start button on the switch allows you to start the motorcycle engine. For some brands, this button allows you to change the engine map once the engine is running.

     Rem 2.0 flashing switch

    • Blinkers : Motorcycle controls allow you to activate the left or right indicators to signal changes of direction to other road users.


    • Warning : Some motorcycle controls have a "warning" button which allows the left and right turn signals to be turned on at the same time, indicating an emergency stop or a dangerous situation. With our controls 2.0 Press both flashing buttons simultaneously to activate the function.


    • Headlights flash : On certain models, there is a button allowing you to flash the headlights briefly to other road users, generally to signal an intention to overtake.


    Note that all of its functions mentioned above must be functional during the motorcycle technical inspection.


    • Additional control buttons : Depending on the motorcycle model, there may be buttons to activate special features, such as suspension control, ABS (anti-lock braking system), traction control, etc. We reserve this button on the back of our REMM 2.0 HD controls.



    Why change these commodos?


    There may be several reasons why it is necessary to change the motorcycle controls:

    • Wear : Commodos are wearing parts that are frequently used during each motorcycle trip. Over time, buttons can wear out and lose functionality, which can cause them to malfunction or degrade in performance.


    • Damage : In the event of an accident or fall, the controls may be damaged, which may render certain functions inoperable. In such cases, it is important to replace them to ensure the safety and functionality of the motorcycle.


    • Electronic failures : Modern switches often incorporate electronic components to control certain advanced features of the motorcycle. Electrical problems or electronic failures may occur, requiring replacement of the switch to restore full functionality to the motorcycle.


    • Upgrade : Some motorcyclists may choose to change their controls for more advanced or more ergonomic models. Switches with additional features or better handling can improve the driving experience and convenience for the rider.


    • Personalization : Some motorcyclists may also change the controls for cosmetic reasons, to match the style of their motorcycle or their personal preferences.


    Example of personalization on Royal Enfield Interceptor with our 1.0 “plug & play” controls for Royal Enfield available >here< 



    How to choose these commodos?


    The choice of motorcycle controls is important to ensure safe and comfortable driving. Here are some points to consider when selecting commodos:

    • Compatibility : Make sure that the fixing diameter of the commodos corresponds to that of your handlebars. You can choose so-called “plug&play” controls which will make assembly easier because there will be no electrical wiring other than plugging into the original sockets.


    • Ergonomics : The controls must be ergonomic and easy to use. They should be well positioned on the handlebars so that you can reach them easily without having to move your hands too much or leave a comfortable riding position.

    Example of commodo ergonomic from home Fox Speed ​​Shop :

    Beringer Fox levers

    Thanks to these integrated controls at the brake and clutch levers you will purify your driving position!

    Stay connected because at Remmotorcycle we prepare a set for you top of the line with our levers currently under development.


    • Manufacturing quality : Opt for high quality commodos like our version of commodo REMM 2.0 HD available >here< for 22mm or 25mm handlebars. Quality commodos offer better durability and stand up better to daily wear and tear.


    • Features : Check the features available on the controls. Choose those that integrate the essential controls for your driving style, such as indicators, horn, low beams, etc. If you are looking for advanced features, make sure they are compatible with your motorcycle and meet your needs.


    • Aesthetic : If aesthetics are important to you, choose controls that match the style of your motorcycle. Some models offer customization options to match the overall design of your motorcycle.


     Commodos Motogadget ultra minimalist

    motogaget commodos

    • Facility : If you plan to do the installation yourself, make sure the switches come with clear instructions and that you have the skills to perform the replacement correctly. Otherwise, hire a professional mechanic for installation.


    By taking these factors into account, you will be able to choose motorcycle commodos that meet your specific needs, improving your riding experience while ensuring safety on the road.


    Commodo REMM 1.0 on Norton :



    About PUSH BUTTONs


    The use of Push Button (resistance button) has a real advantage for simplicity and driving comfort. The rider only has to give a push to activate the function, the system does the rest.

    In our case, for a motorcycle commodo the impulse button (push button) or "MOM ON" (MOMentanée ON) for its technical name, requires a module (ex: Flash relay Or M-Unit) allowing the requested function to be automatically managed.


    These modules "simplified"allows you to manage the turn signal without going through the original flashing relay of the motorcycle. This has the advantage of very easily using a LED lightingwhich will be supported by the original module.


    Among these simplified systems, themotorcycle switch equipped with push button must be connected with an operating box like the M-Unit at Motogadget or the module Axel Joost :


    • Push button with M-Unit Motogadget :

    M Unit motogaget

    The M-Unit module from Motogadget is complete and allows many more functions than using push button (reset button).

    You will be able manage all available functions on your commodos !

    It also allows you to configure the use of its functions as desired thanks to the connection of its smartphone. For example you can add the option "hand free" to start your motorcycle simply by recognizing your mobile near the module.


    • Push button with module Flash relay Axel joost :

    Axel joost flash relay

    Design German, this system is very reliable and allows the use of commodos with push button cheaper.

    Connection is simple (instructions provided), you will have two choices for using your indicators:

    Choice 1 : A "brief" pulse, your flashing will stop after 3-4 flashes. A "long" pulse (approximately 1 sec) will trigger the indicators for around ten flashes before stopping automatically.


    Choice 2 : One impulse, the indicators start. A second pulse to stop the flashing.


    For the use of warnings, all you need to do is press the two turn signal buttons simultaneously. These remain in operation as choice 2 until you decide to stop the function by pressing one of the two turn signal buttons.


    This module at its limit since it will not offer you all the functionality of the module Motogadget.


    Remmotorcycle 2.0

    With our commodos REMM 2.0 HD we offer you a simple connection system with the moduleAxel Joost. This kit also allows you to fit into tighter budgets and also for those who do not need all the functions provided by the M-unit. Our commodos can also be plugged into the box Motogadget.


    What is “PLUG&PLAY”?

    Plug and play assembly consists of offering a finished product ready to plug into the motorcycle using the original connectors.

    This is a big advantage for editing because you don't need any technical skills.

    Plus you will save a lot of time."Time is money ?"

    At Remmotorcycle we can currently offer you for the attached motorcycle list:

    • Royal Enfield Interceptor
    • Buell
    • Harley Davidson Sportster
    • Triumph Bonneville

    Make your request!


    What are the differences between the Commodo Remmotorcycle 1.0 and 2.0?

    1.0 vs. 2.0


    • Improved ergonomics : Version 2.0 offers better ergonomics, with better placed and easier to use buttons, allowing more intuitive control of the motorcycle's functions. Like for example the right indicator on the right commodo way Harley-Davidson.


    • Personalization : The 2.0 controls offer customization options to adapt to the preferences and driving style of each motorcyclist. We are listening to you !


    • Aesthetic design : Special attention to design aesthetics, with high quality finishes and modern materials to improve the overall appearance of the commodos.


    • Strength and durability : The 2.0 switches are designed to be more resistant and durable, offering better reliability over long periods of use.


    • Ease of installation : Version 2.0 is designed for easier installation, making it easier for motorcycle owners to install them themselves.


    • Additional Features : Depending on the evolution of technologies and the needs of motorcyclists, 2.0 controls can include new features and advanced controls at the customer's request.


    In short, the commodo 2.0 is flexible à la carte according to your needs.


    What are the differences between the Remmotorcycle 2.0 HD and V2 3-position Commodo?

     Remm 2.0 V.2 switches

    Everything is in the title ! It's just a different button configuration:

    - REMM 2.0 HD = Separate turn signals

    - REMM V.2 3 positions = Turn signal switch on the left (Most common version on 2 wheels).


    The 3-position V2 model is the evolution of our flagship 1.0 model with the popular design of the 2.0 model.


    We also offer its versions with Stainless steel buttons ! You are spoiled for choice!




    Discover the motorcycle commodos cutting edge of the brand Remmotorcycle, designed to offer you an exceptional driving experience!

    Our commodos are carefully designed to fit your motorcycle perfectly, ensuring easy installation and smooth operation.

    Thanks to their ergonomics optimal, you will be able to control intuitively all the essential functions of your motorcycle without leaving your comfortable driving position.

    In addition to their performance, our commodos are designed with aesthetic consideration, integrating harmoniously into the design of your motorcycle to give it a elegant and modern look.

    Make the wise choice for your motorcycle, opt for the REMM 2.0 HD or V2 motorcycle controls 3 positions Remmotorcycle and experience exceptional driving in complete safety.

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