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Universal DB Killer Motorcycle Baffle Size 35 / 42 / 45 / 48 / 60 mm

référence: X0010888WL

  • Universal motorcycle baffle
  • Reduces noise
  • Removable
  • Easy setup
  • adjustable noise
Outside diameter







Reduce NOISE with our Motorcycle Chicane

The motorcycle chicane is also called " DB killer ", which literally means "decibel killer". This "kills the noise" from the exhaust.

What is a DB killer chicane?

A motorcycle baffle is a product used to reduce exhaust sound.

It is usually a long perforated tube that extends along the exhaust gas flow path. The exhaust gases pass through it, where the exhaust noise is muffled due to the narrowing of the path.

Why install or replace a baffle on a silencer?

The purpose of the baffle is to reduce noise to acceptable decibel limits that will be comfortable for your ears and those of law enforcement.

From a legal point of view, the decibels produced by a motorcycle must correspond to the original information of the motorcycle. Information available on the gray card and on the vehicle manufacturer's plate.

In addition, since 2019, new latest generation radars have been tested to penalize motorcyclists for "excess noise". A new tax greater than the cost of a DB Killer chicane .

It is the same with certain roads which are now forbidden to certain motorcycles because they are too noisy...

Does installing a baffle affect the performance of the bike?

The stock fitted exhausts have motorcycle or DB killer baffles pre-fitted and are designed in a way that reduces exhaust noise , which also helps create back pressure on the valves, which also increases exhaust noise. volumetric efficiency of engines .

Thus, according to manufacturers, the use of non-standard exhausts also reduces the lifespan of engines..… Hence the additional interest of using a motorcycle baffle.

How to adjust the sound of the motorcycle chicane?

Our motorcycle exhaust baffles have the particularity of having a removable part at the end of the baffle. This removable part allows you to better adjust the sound volume you want to have on your motorcycle.

It should be noted that the two BTR type screws supplied with the baffle are screwed onto the baffle. For a motorcycle that tends to vibrate a lot, we recommend that you add a lock nut to make sure you don't lose the removable part and the motorcycle baffle.

How to choose a baffle?

The motorcycle baffle is available in several diameters :

  • 35mm
  • 42mm
  • 45mm
  • 48mm
  • 60mm

And in 2 lengths :

  • Short
  • Long

The diameter, expressed in millimetres, represents the outer diameter, this must be less than the inner diameter of your exhaust . That is to say that if your exhaust has an internal diameter of 36 mm, you must choose the 35 mm model.

For exhausts with intermediate dimensions, we advise you to use the smaller size. The exhaust gases will no longer be able to escape, but this will reduce the noise anyway. That is to say that if your exhaust has an internal diameter of 52 mm, you must choose the 48 mm model .

Depending on your exhaust you can use the long or short model. There is a slight difference in acoustics . The shorter will cut the sound more.

"You can also take a long model and cut it if necessary based on your testing."

Features :

  1. Color: Gray or Black depending on the version
  2. Length: 2 versions: short, long
  3. Outer Diameter: 35mm, 42mm, 45mm, 48mm, 60mm
  4. Thread Size: 6mm/M6

Dimensions in picture:

How to install the motorcycle baffle?

The motorcycle baffle installs in the muffler.

You must check the outlet diameter of your exhaust silencer at the place where the baffle will be fixed in order to know the diameter you can choose:

There is a 2mm tolerance.

Thus for the 60mm model is provided for the 58-59-60 mm models.

And so on.

Note: Delivery times are currently 1-3 days.