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Speedometer Moto Cafe Racer Km/h Black Black Background 4 indicators

référence: X00119O8LJ

  • Easy to install
  • Indicator light: headlight, neutral, turn signals, oil
  • Backlight
  • Mechanical counter







The cafe racer motorcycle speedometer par excellence.

Here is a simple and effective retro counter . For those who prefer indicator lights below the needle. It has the basic indicator lights. Namely: turn signals, main beam, neutral point and oil level alert. This cafe racer motorcycle speedometer has a standard ratio of 1.4 which is suitable for most motorcycles. No setting is required to install it.

The speedometer needle goes up to 140 km/h. Not enough for the fastest among us. For them we offer speedometers up to 200 km/h.

This meter is available with a white meter background or a black background.


Material: Stainless Steel

Strapping diameter: 65 mm

Body diameter: 60mm

Height: 50mm

Speedometer unit: km/h

Odometer unit: km

Shape: circle

Removable support

Classic meter socket M12 X 1mm

White backlight

Gear ratio 1:1400 (60 km/h = 1400 rpm)

Ratio: K=1.4

Cable schematics:

Black Wire 1: Ground
Black wire 2: meter lighting negative
Red wire: + meter lighting
Yellow wire 1: left turn signal light
Yellow wire 2: right turn signal light
Blue wire 1: high beam indicator
Blue wire 2: oil indicator
White wire 1: negative
White wire 2: negative
Green wire: + neutral indicator

Help: Calculate the ratio: K= 10 * X/U

U being the circumference of the wheel driving the counter. You can calculate it by the formula for the perimeter of a circle: 2 * π * radius of the wheel in cm.

X = the number of revolutions made by the square driving the counter in 10 revolutions of the wheels. To count this number of turns, mark the cable on one side and spin the wheel 10 turns.

If K = 1, you need a K=1.0 counter or an adjustable counter (example: the digital counter).

If K=1.4 you need a K=1.4 counter.

Note: Available in 7-9 days