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motorcycle inverted fork 125

référence: 23267

  • Full fork
  • Ideal for 125 or 250cc
  • Tube diameter: 38mm








For the restoration of a motorcycle or with a view to preparing a scrambler, café racer or bratstyle motorcycle, improving comfort and wheel holding involves changing the fork to a more efficient one.

In order to know if you can adapt the fork, it is important to check the dimensions.

It is possible to change the steering column to go perfectly with your motorcycle.

The dimensions :

Note : available in 2-3 weeks.

Find out more about the 125 motorcycle inverted fork:

What is an inverted fork?

An inverted fork motorcycle is a motorcycle that uses an inverted fork suspension for its front wheel. In this design, the fork tubes are positioned above the wheel, with the legs attached to the bottom of the triple tree (the part that holds the handlebars and front wheel in place).

This design contrasts with the more traditional design where the fork tubes are positioned under the wheel.

How to fit an inverted fork on a 125 motorcycle ?

It is necessary to check the dimensions of the steering column in order to check if the new fork can be installed.

The steering column can be changed to fit your bike perfectly.

To fit an inverted fork on a motorcycle, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Selecting the correct inverted fork: Be sure to choose an inverted fork that is suitable for the size, weight and use of your motorcycle.

  2. Preparing the frame : Check that your bike's frame is compatible with the inverted fork you have chosen. If not, you will need to make modifications to make it compatible (steering column).

  3. Install the fork : Install the inverted fork to the motorcycle frame using the appropriate mounting brackets.

  4. Connect the brakes : Connect the brakes to the inverted fork. If the inverted fork is different from the stock one, you may need to adapt the brakes to fit the new fork.

  5. Adjust Suspension : Adjust the suspension of the inverted fork to suit the riding condition and user preference (if applicable).

It is a technical process that requires mechanical skills and an in-depth knowledge of the components of the motorcycle. It is recommended that this task be entrusted to a qualified professional.

Is the moto 125 inverted fork better than a standard fork?

Inverted forks on a motorcycle are considered better than standard forks for several reasons:

  • Improved handling : Inverted forks provide better handling and stability than standard forks, especially at high speeds. This is because the sliders are positioned above the fork tubes, reducing unsprung weight and increasing stiffness.
  • Increased Durability : Inverted forks are generally more durable than standard forks because they are less likely to bend or deform under heavy loads or shocks.
  • Better Brake Integration : Inverted forks integrate better with the bike's braking system, improving braking power and performance.
  • Aesthetics : Inverted forks have a more modern, aggressive look that is appreciated by many riders and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the bike.