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CUSTOM-MADE Aluminum Saddle

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  • Design to your liking
  • Thick aluminum shell
  • High quality product
  • Made for your motorcycle
  • Handcrafted







So that your saddle perfectly suits your tastes as well as your motorcycle , Remmotorcycle offers you a custom-made aluminum cafe racer saddle .
Discover this magnificent saddle of high manufacture made by hand. It is made of a very comfortable foam , as well as a PU coating with the seams of your choice and the seat is removable.
The aluminum hull is made by hand and requires several days of work to complete.
She is raw. As an option, it can be polished, varnished or painted.

Here are the items that can be adjusted:

- The desired coating color:
You can choose from the saddle colors on the site or if you have a more specific request, you can send us a photo.
We have a large color panel not displayed on the site.

- The material:
The base coating used is PU (leatherette). We use it for its resistance to time and its low maintenance.
As an option, the upholstery can be in black or brown leather as well as in black suede.
Please inquire about suede before selecting this material.

- The shape of the saddle:

You want a uniform saddle, a flat saddle, a domed cafe racer style rear.

The dimensions:

In the best case, you will have to provide us with a drawing/plan of the saddle with the dimensions (Width/Length/Height).

You can do it on paper or digitally.

On this one, it will also be necessary to indicate the locations of the screws to fix the saddle

The type of seam desired:

single parallel

Rhombus / diamond

Rhombus/diamond lined

Dual parallel

Here is an example of making a custom-made aluminum saddle:

First step : Definition of the project with the client.
Second step: Drawing up the plan and the different elements (made by the client)

Third step: realization of the aluminum hull by our craftsman

Fourth step: the shell is sent to the saddler craftsman for the realization of the seat.

Note: The seat is removable.

Manufacturing time: from 4 to 9 weeks depending on the activity of our craftsmen.

To make the model for your motorcycle, just contact us.

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