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  • 600 Bandit Cafe Racer

    600 Bandit Cafe Racer

    SUZUKI Bandit

    No need to introduce you to the Bandit ? The GSF is probably Suzuki's best-selling motorcycle. This range exclusively assembled with a 4-cylinder engine recognizable from afar thanks to its individual sound.

    The popularity of this motorcycle makes it very accessible and especially for us lovers of motorcycle customization!

    The Bandit presents a very good basis for the preparation of a cafe racer . And that's what we are going to present to you in this article as well as our recommendations for parts to get you started on your project!

    We will not be able to cover all Bandit models. We have chosen two popular models, the 600 Bandit and its big sister the 1200cc.

    Suzuki Bandit 600 Cafe racer!

    Do you still see your "good old" 600 Bandit cafe racer in this photo below?

    This "RED Devil" was made by K-SPEED

    cafe racer gangster

    Big transformation? Do not worry ! We also have a less extreme model for you!

    Here is an example with this 600 Bandit cafe racer kit made by Eduardo Luft .

    bandit 600 monster

    The major transformation lies in the change of the rear part of the motorcycle which comes from the Ducati Monster .

    Now for the big sister, the 1200 Bandit cafe racer:

    Here is one of our Belgian DeepCreek Cycleworks neighbors who made a magnificent cafe racer achievement on this 1200cc Bandit:

    DeepCreek Suzuki

    If this color means something to you, it is of course the candy red of the Mazda MX5.

    Deep Creek cafe racer

    Abracadabra! Bracelet handlebar, round headlight and here is a 1200 cafe racer!

    Deep Creek Bandit 600

    Oh yes, I forgot! A rear loop with its single-seat saddle of course!

    The story of this transformation is brilliant! I invite you to visit returnofthecaferacers.com to find out how this project came about.

    And now if we concoct you a recipe to successfully transform your Suzuki Bandit into a real cafe racer?! Here's what it could look like:

    The base" :


    The special one" :

    All you have to do is get started without forgetting to share your achievements with us!

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    September 25, 2023

    Bertrand, un article sera prochainement écrit sur le sujet :)


    April 18, 2023

    Magnifique….et avez vous une recette pour un vieil Hornet 600 de 98??

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