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  • Brixton Cromwell 1200

    Brixton cromwell 1200

    After this article, motorcycles Brixton Especially the model Cromwell 1200 I won't make you doubt it anymore.

    We won't talk about small displacement Brixton 125. Despite foaming at around 125cc BrixtonIt's the big sister's turn to see her glorious day.




    New Revival Brixton Cromwell 1200 It is a symbol of the motorcycle brand Brixton Motorcycle.

    It embodies the perfect combination of timeless retro design and modern performance. of Cromwell 1200 Its name comes from the famous Brixton district in London and is related to the vibrant and rebellious urban culture.

    Using his style Cafe Racer, of Brixton Cromwell 1200 Has a classic and exquisite aesthetic.




    Its elegant fuel tank, well-defined saddle, and low handle give the bike a sporty and aggressive appearance. Equipped with Neat completion and Quality detailsIt has sparked the curiosity of both retro and modern motorcycle enthusiasts.

    The Tour counter is perfectly integrated into the counter Simple but complete And it has a side USB socket. You can choose between environmentally friendly driving mode and sports driving mode.

    Behind its retro aesthetics lies a powerful and efficient motorcycle. of Cromwell 1200 Powered by an inline water-cooled 4-stroke dual cylinder engine 1222 cm3 near 83 ch as well as 108 nanometers A couple. Therefore, providing more accurate stimulation in a moderate diet.

    Due to its advanced technology Wired cyclingShe ensures that Smooth and pleasant drivingWhether in the city or on winding roads.


    In terms of characteristics Brixton Cromwell 1200 Equipped with a series of Modern components.

    We found that LED headlights To improve visibility, the digital dashboard can clearly display key information, and advanced braking systems can achieve optimal safety.


    Trial videos for MotorLive:



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    Who makes Brixton motorcycles?


    motorcycle Brixton Manufactured by an Austrian company KSR Group Co., Ltd. KSR Group It is an industrial group specializing in the production and distribution of motorcycles, scooters, and other mobile related products.

    They acquired this brand Brixton Motorcycle And responsible for the design, development, and production of Brixton motorcycles.

    Cooperation between Brixton Combining professional knowledge between motorcycles and KSR Group Austrian EngineeringAll of these have a British style and brand identity.



    Do you swear to have seen Bonneville T120?


    Make purists unhappy victoryThe country of sunrise Hit againEven if Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 It only has aesthetics and does not make it a direct competitor Triumph Bonneville T120 You can find a real opponent.

    For those who want more information, you can find another article written in Moto station.com. But we want to know Where are his shortcomings hidden?

    equipment GK1200 (Cromwell 1200 is a name outside of Europe sold under the Gaokin brand) Good invoice And call on well-known brands, because Nisin For brakes, KYB For shock absorbers or Bosh Used for injection.

    The safety value of competing with the quality of Triumph.

    Cromwell has a larger fuel tank (with a working weight of 235 kilograms) and a More modern electronic products. All of these are a little over 3500 euros difference.

    Please note that three French designers designed this model Cromwell 1200 Using the code of a classic British dual cylinder motorcycle.

    Austrian company, French designer, Devices that no longer require proof And production in China. This may be the formula for a balanced motorcycle.



    Customized Brixton Cromwell 1200


    one Brixton Cromwell 1200 It has a good original appearance. This can be improved by adding some attachments.

    In fact, it's like victory Bonnevilleor Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 There is a possibility of achieving great success Scrambler, Bratstyle or Cafe Racer base on Cromwell 1200.

    RemmitorCycle offers a wide range of products Plug and Play For this model:

    Find all products here


    It is easy to prepare because it is well built. For example, the rear buckle is aimed, which allows for easy modification without cutting the frame.

    The following are exemplary embodiments of the type Street scrambler


    This preparation is carried out according to style Buck Having the following elements:

    1. Saddle kit+rear buckle+plate frame Remmotorcycle
    2. Short escape
    3. Engine shoe
    4. Lighthouse P700
    5. Aluminum front fender
    6. Aluminum side panels with bags (coming soon)


    The following is a video for listening to the sound of a short exhaust:


    In another style, here is the implementation of the coffee shop racing type:

    Cafe Racing Style GK1200

    Equipped with Fork head, one Selle Cafe RacingComplete wheels and Coffee Shop Racing Driver HandleThis is a completely renovated Brixton.


    Brixton Cromwell 1200 x


    New Brixton ! A change "ScramblerCromwell 1200. Brixton quickly reacted and saw that the 1200cc he had just released had been customized as Baroudeuse.

    Brixton launches Cromwell 1200 x In the Scrambler version.

    Brixton Cromwell 1200 X Scrambler


    This model is currently on sale Unique Colors Off White

    In the driving position, you will find that Cross your hands, one Lighthouse grille as well as The Jump of the Wind.

    The engine is protected by a protective device Aluminum engine shoes This provides good protection.

    Horizontal completion: The fuel tank has one New logo 'X'.

    To complete this Cromwell 1200 X Scrambler Equipped with golden wheels and appropriate pneumatic mounting. In the photo, we can identify mixed tires Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR.

    We will definitely bring it back Front mudguard Who hasn't changed. But don't panic! stay Remindorcycle We have enough to make it look 'real' Scrambler !




    Introduction to news Brixton Cromwell 1200 It is a successful, eye-catching design that is easy to grip and Powerful and comfortable engine ! The loop part is solid... Undeniably, this is a success Dynamic PlanningExcept for slightly noticeable hardness. An improvement, even a small improvement like a saddle, has already taken a step forward.

    Of course, the brand Brixton Don't talk to motorcycle enthusiasts like you do to brands victory, Moto Guzzi or Harley DavidsonThey have decades of experience. KSR Group is fully aware of this and has 140 sales points Brixton In France.

    In addition, this type of bicycle is a very good foundation for preparation and personalization.


    What do you think of this bicycle? Please let us know in the comments.

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