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Riding a Bobber 125

December 01, 2020

Rouler en Bobber 125

If you have an A1 license and you want a 125 bobber , several solutions are available to you.

You can orient yourself on the new models offered by the manufacturers, buy a bobber prepared by a professional or an individual, build your own bobber or opt for a bobber kit.

The new bobbers and customs offered by the manufacturers.

Riding on the wave of success of the bobber style of recent years, several manufacturers offer their bobber models in the catalog or have brought their custom models out of the closet to update them.

On the higher displacements, we think of the Triumph Bobber, Harley Street Bob and Fat Bob, the new Honda Rebel 1100, the Indian Scout Bobber, the BMW R18, Yamaha XV950R, Guzzi V9 bobber etc... The choice is wide and the battle is fierce.

Some models just have the designation bobber more for marketing than for the original philosophy, because they look more like customs / cruisers than bobbers.

For lower displacements, the choice is more limited . We will see the models available.

Custom 125s:

Given that the border between a custom and a bobber is increasingly thin, we have chosen to tell you about 3 new custom models that can meet your expectations or be transformed into a bobber by changing which accessories.


bobber 125

The Legender is a custom with the look of large cubes quite rewarding. It is equipped with an in-line twin and high chopper style handlebars.

To learn more, I invite you to watch the test:


daelim bobber 125

The Daystar has been the unavoidable custom on the market since the desertion of the Japanese. Now equipped with an injection engine, coupled braking and all the upgrades to meet Euro 4 standards.

It is offered at a price of 3199€.


keeway bobber 125

The new K-light has a more modern look than its predecessors. Equipped with a single cylinder, it is less expensive than the two previous models.

The Keeway is euro 5 and is sold for 2995€.

You can easily change the style of these customs into a bobber by changing which elements such as the handlebars and the saddle.

125 bobbers:

Here is a selection of bobber motorcycles in 125 cm3. The styles are very different but we recognize the inspirations.


bobber 125

A Vtwin engine, a Harley Sportster look, 710 mm seat height and the good reputation of Korean Hyosung make this Bobber 125 a superb offer on the market.

In addition, many parts are available to customize this model . We offer on order exhausts, belt kit, air filter, tank, sissybar, saddles etc...

Here is a preparation based on Hyosung Bobber:

bobber 125


magpower bobber 125


This model is the cousin of the Malibu models of Johnny Pag, Regal Raptor and Leonart. This is the same model passed in Euro 4 and also offered by Leonart, the Leonart Daytona 125 .

It has an atypical style that is more extreme than the other motorcycles in the segment.

The preparations.

Bobber preparations based on 125 can be made by professionals or made by individuals.

Individual preparations:

Leboncoin and other online ad sites are full of 125 motorcycles already transformed into bobbers.

Maybe you will find the one that suits you best.

Here is an example of a Virago 125 bobber for sale on leboncoin:

virago bobber 125

Preparations made by professionals:

There are individuals who build motorcycles cleanly and professionally. However, this is not necessarily the majority.

For the most demanding, calling on a professional is the solution.

Take for example the preparation of Weld Kustom on a Griffon 1927 base coupled to a Virago 125 bobber engine. The result is splendid.

bobber 125

You will find more photos on the site a tire in the grave .

There are several tuners that offer 125 bobbers. This is the case with DOHC ROOTS MOTORCYCLES . They are specialists in the preparation on Honda 125 Shadow bobber.

Here is the drawing of one of their creations:

bobber 125

You can follow the progress of this project on their facebook page: DOHC ROOTS Motorcycles | Facebook

Mount your bobber 125.

If none of the previous solutions suit you or if you like and want your own bobber , made by yourself, then you can build your own.

After choosing your base for your bobber 125 , it's time to look at customization .

Here is a complete file on the subject.

Bobber 125 kits.


bobber kit 125

This bobber kit makes it possible to offer the customer a preparation on his machine.

The customer hands over a base, a donor motorcycle or a wreck and repairs with a bobber kit provided to him to reassemble a new motorcycle.

Otherwise, he can acquire a ready-to-run 125 bobber .

It is a personalized motorcycle and therefore modified by a preparer.

Conclusion :

Depending on your desires, expectations and budgets, it is possible to have fun riding a bobber 125 . You can acquire a new motorcycle, buy a preparation from a professional or an individual, prepare your motorcycle yourself or opt for a bobber kit.

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March 12, 2022

Bonjour,que me proposez vous(exemple en photo)avec une keeway k-light 125?

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