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  • Fabien's Yamaha 125 SR

    La Yamaha 125 SR de Fabien

    Motorcycle brand: Yamaha

    Model: 125SR

    Tell us your story with this preparation (Why this style? Why this model? ...)

    I fell under the spell of the scrambler style a year ago, I hesitated a lot between buying a new Chinese motorcycle or buying an old Japanese one and upgrading it to a scrambler.

    I opted for the second solution for several reasons, in particular the quality of Chinese motorcycles which leaves something to be desired and the robustness of old Japanese motorcycles, but also the fact of modifying an old bike to make it a unique piece.

    It took some time but it's done.

    Most of the work was done by a friend who took up the challenge and did a great job, he's a jack of all trades who will probably get into motorcycle repair and preparation, advice to amateurs...

    What modifications have you made to your motorcycle?

    They are numerous, the most important was the modification of the rear buckle to be able to adapt it to a saddle and thus give it a scrambler style, change of handlebars, tank, saddle, shock absorbers, headlights, chain kit , air filter, flashing etc etc ...

    Have you used REMMOTORCYCLE parts? If yes, which ones?

    Yes, there are a lot of them:

    - Saddle buckle

    - Brown saddle

    - Headlight

    - Front indicators

    - Rear fender

    - Rear led strip

    - Air filter

    - Handles

    Thank you Fabien for your sharing and your trust :)

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