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  • Prepare my motorcycle properly for technical inspection

    Bien préparer ma moto au contrôle technique

    How to pass the technical control over my motorcycle high?

    We will synthesize and condense information from the motorcycle technical control so that you can anticipate And inspect yourself The different control points.

    This document is mainly based on what you learn at Motorcycle licence. We have adapted it with more details in order to present you calmly at the CT motorcycle. 

    From the me of April 2024 Technical control will be compulsory for category L vehicles.

    This includes :

    • Campectors (small displacements): scooters, mopeds, etc.
    • Tricycles: Trike, Can-am Ryker
    • Cars without a license
    • The quads
    • Motorcycles


    When should I go through my vehicle to technical control?

    Beware of your anniversary date, the table below gives you the general limits. To precisely determine the deadline for passing the CT here is all the official information> here <

    Periodic table CT Moto

    If my vehicle resale, the CT must have less than 6 months if my vehicle is over 5 years old

    Important : If your motorcycle is collection or you can pass it in collection (mention on the gray card in Z1) There is no information about you. We will keep you informed as quickly as possible. A blog article will surely be devoted to your case! 

    motorcycle collection vehicle

    Trick: You can circulate in black plate Class!

    What are the points to control before going to technical control?

    We are going to focus on important points For motorcycles only .

    These points may also be used for controls of Quad And Tricycle.

    1-make your levels:

    Make your levels (engine, gearbox, engine coolant, transmission). If your levels are too low, the controller can refuse to pass your two wheels to Ct (How is it going if he breaks a few things? Tell us in the comments!)

    Motorcycle oil level

    2-battery state:

    It would be a shame not to be able to start your motorcycle on the day of the technical control. Also check that it is well -fixed (She must not walk).

    CT Moto Battery State

    You can also put it on a charge maintenance during the winter. You can also test its capacity thanks to a voltmeter. You must have more than 12vies. And when you start your motorcycle the alternator must load at more than 13vies.


    3 registration-registration:

    Compulsory presence, fixing by pop rivets of the color of the plate of the plate, angle/inclination respected (max 30 ° perpendicular to the ground) as well as the Regulated dimension : 21x13cm.

    Motorcycle CT plate inclination

    Download and print This image to easily check the inclination of your plate.


    Limit not to be exceeded (mention U1 on the gray card)

    sound control CT motorcycle

    We offer you Universal baffles And adjustable for those who think to make too much noise! You can use soundometer applications on your smartphone (not very precise but gives you a good indication)


    5-pollution (for 4-stroke vehicles only):

    Motorcycle CT pollution control

    Limit not to be exceeded (mention V7 on the gray card), you may not have pollution control If the value is not entered on your gray card.



    Visual control of the mandatory minimum operation:

    1. Headlight (position, crossing, road)
    2. Taillight
    3. Stop (front brake lever and rear brake pedal)
    4. Blinkers (front and rear, right and left)
    5. License plate lighting

    If you encounter lighting problems, check your bulbs if you are not in version LED or your fuses.

    7-Suspensions (front/rear):

    If you notice a leak then change your joints. Check the fixing anchors, there must not be a game. Often the Rear shock absorbers have wear rings that you can easily change.

    Motorcycle CT suspension

    Remember to lift your fork bellows To check the presence of a leak! And if you have a Springer fork Halleluia!


    It is easy to find the technical documents of your motorcycle on the internet. You can therefore extract the minimum data required to determine the good condition of your brake pad. A visual control Also allows you to see their states at a glance.

    Motorcycle CT pads

    For ditto discs only for platelets. Check mainly that they are well fixed and are not cracked.


    Control the presence of leaks Around the engine. This can also come from the cooling circuit if you have equipped it.

    Motorcycle leaks

    Be careful when you have a hoof The leak does not detect on the ground! Inspect with a lamp to give visibility to the less visible parts.


    10- Transmissions:

    If you have a chain, a simple method makes it possible to determine the wear of it. Shoot on chain in the alignment of the oscillating arm. If you see more than half a tooth then your chain kit is to be replaced.

    You can also put your motorcycle on a rear wheel lift and hand your hand your hand rear wheel. If your wheel does not turn freely, you may have a hard point. These are two links seized with each other. Replace your chain if necessary.

    Motorcycle CT chain transmission

    For the belts check that it is not cracked and that it does not get into.

    For cardan transmissions check if:

    • Presence of leakage
    • Abnormal game



    Verification of the general condition (presence of rust or twisted element).

    THE steering column game must be checked. If this one is too important you risk the counter visit.

    To do this to lift the front of the motorcycle so that the front wheel does not touch the ground. Take your front wheel firmly and make a back and forth movement. You should not feel any snap.



    Check your pressure. The recommended pressure is noted in the user manual of your motorcycle. If you no longer have it you will easily find it on the internet. You can also refer to the values ​​provided not the manufacturer of tire.

    Tire wear CT motorcycle

    Check the wear thanks to the witnesses present in the grooves (sculpture) of the tires.


    13-Driving post:

    Here are the essentials:

    1. Presence and functioning of mileage counter (information lights)
    2. Minimum presence of a mirror Left side (well fixed and the window should not be broken).
    3. saddle Well fixed and in good condition (not torn).


    As with cars, body elements (if present) must be correctly fixed and must not not be broken. A simple test, pass a glove along the body and this should not have been hung.



    I have a doubt ? An element is not in the list or are you just not sure of yourself? Go to a professional. You can also Contact the Remmotorcycle Team!

    After having provided its 14 control points on your 2 wheels, and thus corrected if necessary, you are ready to present yourself with serenity in an approved center.

    You will find on our site all the necessary parts to bring your motorcycle to the technical control.

    Good route in all security !

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    Delphis Bertrand
    Delphis Bertrand

    November 21, 2023

    Bonjour ,
    J’ai un café racer Honda CB (photo dans l’onglet: “vos créations”) avec clignotants led au bout des guidons bracelets .. est ce que ça passe au CT ???
    //derrière j’ai 2 petits clignotants de chaque coté de la selle



    November 21, 2023

    La plaque d’immatriculation doit être dans l’axe de la moto
    Je pense qu’il serait bien de le préciser
    Le catadioptre n’est pas obligatoire ?
    Bien à vous

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