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  • The basics for a scrambler

    January 26, 2023

    Les bases pour un scrambler

    During the realization of a motorcycle scrambler project , we go through the phase of research of the base (or donor) which will be used for the project.

    Bases have been classified into several categories:

    • The classic scrambler bases
    • The basics scrambler trail / enduro
    • The basics scrambler roadsters

    We will see in detail the most used motorcycles to make a scrambler motorcycle as well as examples of achievements on these models.

    The classic scrambler bases:


    Source: Official Triumph website

    Triumph offers a scrambler model with high suspensions and other equipment. But it is possible to make a scrambler on a base of Bonneville or a Street Twin .

    Here is an example of preparation by Zeus Custom :

    Present on the market for many years, the second-hand offer is wide. This motorcycle suffers few discounts.

    Royal Enfield Interceptor

    Source: Bestbikes.in

    The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is a recent model which has had some success thanks to its line and its evocative twin-cylinder.

    An ideal model for a scrambler as demonstrated by the K-Speed ​​tuner :

    Source: maxabout.com

    Second-hand, this model is recent, but you can already find what you're looking for second-hand, given the sales volumes.

    BMW R-Series

    The BMW R series are one of the most popular models in the world of customization . Its mythical boxer engine, its large tank and the plethora of parts on the market have made it a success.

    Source: BMW R80 model for sale seen on suprememotos.com

    This model has seen its coast climbed for several years, it is rare on the second-hand market.

    In view of this inflation, many preparers are turning to the BMW K series .

    The R series is really made for preparation.

    Here is an example of a scrambler from German BMW R-series tuning specialist Walwerk Motorcycles .

    Moto Guzzi

    Rarer and less present on social networks, the Moto Guzzi are nonetheless a superb classic base.

    With its V-shaped engine and the characteristic shape of its tank, the Guzzi have a timeless charm.

    An example of a successful preparation of a Guzzi California 1100 :

    Yamaha SR

    Source: returnofthecaferacers.com

    The SR400 and SR500 have a less noble engine than the previous models but they remain very popular bases and full of quality.

    This superb street scrambler preparation by Daniel Peter's seen on BIKEEXIF demonstrates this:

    This basic type is cheaper than the previously presented models.


    Source: Wikimedia.

    The Kawasaki W650 is very popular in Japan and gives beautiful scramblers.

    But the French are not left out, as Felix Motocyclettes proves with this superb achievement:

    We love this exhaust line which is part of the panoply of the perfect scrambler.

    The trail / enduro bases to make a scrambler

    Starting from this type of motorcycle to carry out your scrambler project allows you to have a truly all-terrain motorcycle. Here the goal will be to civilize the motorcycle, to make it pleasant on the road as much as on the roads.

    Trails of this type have the advantage of having simple and effective mechanics. The engines are often large, very torquey single cylinders.

    In addition, the budget to acquire this base is lower compared to conventional bases.

    Suzuki DR 650, 800

    Model: DR650 from 2009. Source: autoevolution.com

    The Suzuki DR is Suzuki's trail model. It is a robust motorcycle in the image of these Japanese cousins.

    Here is a beautiful realization of 85 Motorcycle Art seen on the Bikebound website:

    Honda NX Dominator:

    The Dominator is part of the mythical trails of the 90s, indestructible and ready for a new life in the skin of a scrambler.

    Here is a new and beautiful proposal made by the French of Felix Motocyclette (click on the photo to find out more about this preparation).

    The budget for this type of motorcycle is much lower than for a classic motorcycle.


    The Yamaha XT has been one of Yamaha's flagship models since the 80s and is available from 125cc up to 1200cc for the latest versions.

    It is the 600 XT versions that interest us here as part of a scrambler project.

    Model: 1985 Yamaha XT 600Z Ténéré Source: motorcyclespecs.com

    This model is more affordable than the 500 XT model which is popular with collectors.

    This model is rarer than these competitors.

    The XT600 prepared by Nick Van Woert is a very accomplished preparation.

    This artist has completely revised the bike to give us this rather stunning result.

    Details and photos of this preparation can be found on the Pipeburn website .

    The enduro bases create higher perched scramblers, this is ideal for those who want to do off-road more often .

    The basic roadsters to make a scrambler:

    This type of motorcycle is more and more appreciated as part of the creation of a scrambler . We understand why. Their engines are more efficient, the design is newer and the prices are very affordable.

    This type of motorcycle may require more work to be transformed into a "real" scrambler compared to a trail or a classic.


    The CB600F called Hornet is one of the most famous roadsters. Its reputation speaks for itself.

    With the development of personalization, amateur or professional trainers are increasingly turning to more original models in order to transform them.

    This is the case for this roadster which is also entitled to these preparations. Andrea Silverio is a big fan of this type of roadster and makes famous preparations on this basis. Here is a very striking before and after.

    YAMAHA Fazer FZS600

    The Fazer is a streamlined roadster present on the market since the 90s. This roadster enjoys a good reputation and presents well for a scrambler transformation .

    For this model, we took an example of realization of Andrea Silverio because one of the most successful preparations on this model.

    Suzuki Bandit / Inazuma

    A longtime competitor to the Hornet , Fazer and other models, the Bandit / Inazuma is very common on our roads.

    The development of personalization makes it possible to refresh these models which are beginning to show the years.

    The French from Evolution Motorcycle have been making beautiful street scrambler transformations on this model for several years.

    Here are some more typical street scrambler examples:

    There are plenty of other roadsters that could be perfect for your scrambler .

    In summary, the base is chosen according to the budget , the use and the tastes of each one.

    Now that you have chosen the bike, you have to move on to the modifications .

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    February 16, 2023

    Je suis propriétaire dune Suzuki Bandit et j’aime beaucoup le travail que vous avez fait sur ce model gris en haut a droite.
    Quel budget faut il compter pour transformer mon Bandit comme celui.


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