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  • What is a Bratstyle motorcycle?

    Qu'est-ce qu'une moto Bratstyle ?

    The definition

    The definition of Brat Style is similar to that of bobber , the motorcycle is reduced to the essentials, but with a different and less extreme style. The biggest difference to a standard motorcycle is that a Bratstyle motorcycle has higher handlebars and (most often) a flat seat.

    The origin

    The name "Bratstyle" or "Brat Style" originated from a custom motorcycle shop called Brat Style . Their bespoke build style was replicated around the world and they called them " Bratstyle " motorcycles, just like a brand name.

    The shop, run by veteran tuner Takamine in a suburb of Tokyo , gained popularity by building cheap, light, custom small city motorcycles in an era when the fashion was for extravagance.

    brat stryle shop

    Image of Brat Style (shop) in Tokyo

    Before the Bratsyle was as well known as it is today, this type of customization was also defined as the " Japanese bobber " or a motorcycle halfway between a bobber and a scrambler.

    The development of social networks has greatly contributed to popularizing this type of customization.

    In addition, it inspires people who do not find themselves in a scrambler style that is too adventurous or a cafe racer that is too racing.

    Going back to Takamine , his shop first made a name for itself by creating Old School Harley bobbers. His style was developed and affirmed by working on Yamaha XS650 and 500cc which was popular among young Japanese but who wanted to stand out.

    But Takamine is not sectarian, he draws inspiration from all preparations to create his own style. Each of these motorcycles are unique and therefore different but we find its style, its paw.

    So what is it exactly?

    The Brastyle is created by putting a touch of tracker, a little cafe racer as well as scrambler (street scrambler to be more precise).

    The modifications to transform your motorcycle into a bratstyle are simple and within reach of all budgets . Originally, modifications to the frame and other parts of the motorcycle were relatively minor. This is a deliberate choice, which not only kept them in the price range of young riders, but which did not diminish their ability to ride either.

    xs650 bratstyle
    Photo: Yamaha XS650 Source: http://www.bratstyle.com


    The signature look of a Bratstyle motorcycle comes from modifications made to a motorcycle that has a stock frame that helps them stand out on the road. Distinguishing features include a 'minimalist' approach, or in other words 'less is more' with very little body work except for a small, low-mounted fuel tank (often peanut or Wassell style).

    The reservoir

    Following the original model, it is also common to find the original tank because it corresponds to the Bratstyle spirit.

    This tank model and its decoration are available on remmotorcycle.com

    Otherwise a tank in a low position like our model: DT type tank.

    The framework

    The frame is generally left at its original dimensions, but the rear part, what is called the rear loop of the motorcycle can be reworked according to the saddle installed and also lower the height of the seat .


    So let's talk about the saddle, it's one of the most important points on a bratstyle. Here are used flat and low saddles . These saddles are often intended for two people. This is why the buckle is often modified to have this low saddle aspect.

    w650 bratstyle
    Picture: W650 bratstyle source: https://www.flickr.com

    This W650 is a perfect example of a saddle with a Brastyle preparation, due to its position, its shape, and its installation in relation to the buckle.


    There are several types of handlebars on the Bratstyle , mini-ape type handlebars that are usually found on Harleys as well as cross type handlebars found on scramblers.

    XS650 handle bar
    Image: XS650 source: https://www.pinterest.fr

    But we do not find bracelet or clip-on handlebars otherwise it is no longer a Bratstyle strictly speaking but a BratCafé . But that is another story that we see will be told shortly.

    The suspensions

    The Bratstyle has a somewhat stocky, bobber -like line, it's a low bike. This is due to its low saddle, its handlebars but the shock absorbers are often retouched.

    Indeed, the fork can be shortened and the rear shock absorbers replaced by a shorter pair.

    w650 before after

    We can see in our comparison the differences in suspension height (red arrows) and the seat height on this preparation of Go Talkamine on a Kawasaki W650.

    The fenders

    The mudguards are mostly replaced by shortened models or even completely removed for the front mudguard.

    Engine finish is either standard or blacked out.


    For lighting, there is a mono-support Bobber type optic installed on the lower fork crown.

    XS Bratstyle by Kuna Customs
    Picture: XS Bratstyle by Kuna Customs Source: https://www.kunacustoms.com

    It is often round but some preparers choose it square or triangular to stand out.

    Kuna Custom offers us here a yellow glass version for its XS650.

    For the rear light, the majority of Brastyles have a light overhanging the fender just after the buckle.

    XS Bratstyle by Kuna Customs
    Picture: XS Bratstyle by Kuna Customs Source: https://www.kunacustoms.com

    Here Kuna Customs uses the bass black aluminum rear light in an all-black version.

    The exhaust

    The exhaust used is a Megaphone type exhaust installed on the stock exhaust tube.

    w650 exhaust
    Picture: W650 bratstyle source: https://www.bratstyle.com

    The exhaust(s) are usually black.

    The air filter

    For air filtration, there are two schools, the original air boxes in the color of the tank or a replacement with one or more grille tulips .

    SR400 SR500

    Here is a comparison between an SR500 and an SR400 , one keeps the air box and the covers associated with it and the second opts for tulips with a domed grille.

    The tires

    Finally, the original tires are commonly replaced by vintage tires mounted on the original rims. The rims are often spoked but there are many bratstyle XS650 for example with spoke rims.

    The colour

    For color, a Brat-style motorcycle doesn't feature a lot of chrome, which accentuates the "vintage" feel with faded paintwork and black/unpainted engines. You can also forget about flashy paint. These motorcycles are meant to speak for themselves with their minimalist design.

    What basis for a bratstyle?

    YAMAHA SR400 / SR500

    This model is a good base to build a brastyle. It is a very affordable motorcycle with simple mechanics. An SR400 or 500 is the ideal basis for an A2 license.

    SR500 bratstyle

    Here is an SR500 from bratstyle.com which is very worked. We are less in the rustic or raw side of certain models. This black treatment of the rims and other elements gives it elegance . It also benefits from a different treatment of the saddle.


    This Kawa produces beautiful bratstyle. Evidenced by the superb creations of Takamine . A little more expensive than an SR500, the W650 benefits from both more horsepower and a better cycle part.

    w650 Max Power

    A W650 prepared by Max Power, a preparer from Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Note the pretty aluminum tank.

    YAMAHA XS650

    The preferred base for preparing a brat style. Of equivalent power and at a price similar to a used W650.

    xs brat style

    Here is the beautiful XS650 prepared the Kuna Customs. They took the term flat saddle literally. The point differentiate: these superbly worked exhausts at mid-height raw. This type of exhaust is their trademark.

    Other Models:


    This model can also be used as a base for a brat style but it will require more work to have a nice result. For Vtwin lovers.

    We show you an example of realization below in the selection of our favorite bratstyles.

    MASH 400

    A very affordable model and available in quantity. A preparation can only embellish this first Mash with a cylinder capacity greater than 125cc, very similar to an SR400.

    HONDA CB400 CB550 CB750

    A wide selection of Honda CBs can be used to make a Brat. Even if these motorcycles are found more in bratcafé.

    Here is a nice realization of Kevils Speed ​​Shop on a CB750F:

    cb750 brat Kevils Speed ​​Shop
    Source: flickr.com

    HONDA CG125

    The Honda CG and these Chinese derivatives are the basis for riding in 125cc and in an original way.

    cg 125 remmotorcycle

    Here is a preparation with Remmotorcycle parts. It just lacks a megaphone exhaust as well as a reduction of the suspensions to make this modification perfect.


    Our selection of favorite bratstyles

    HARLEY SPORTSTER 883 by Hombrese Bikes

    harley bratstyle

    Source: https://www.bikeexif.com

    Yamaha XS650 Soyuz

    Yamaha XS650 Soyuz

    Source: https://www.bikeexif.com


    KAWASAKI W650 brat

    Source: http://www.bratstyle.com/

    The selection of Remmotorcycle products to make a Brat Style.

    The reservoir:

    We offer this DT type tank available in several colors and with or without decoration. Its shape is in the brat spirit.

    The back loop:

    Back loops are one of our specialties. We offer many sizes and several versions. For the bratstyle, we have selected a short, raised back loop .


    Here is a homemade black raised saddle type 2 - 50 cm made by hand with a metal saddle bottom perfect for a bratstyle. It is thick enough for comfort and incorporates the aesthetic codes of brat saddles.

    The rear fender:

    We have selected a long 65 cm thick rear aluminum mudguard to support the rear light.


    Field handlebar

    handlebar tracker

    tracker handlebar

    For the handlebars, here are two proposals that can perfectly suit this preparation. Very wide handlebars perfect for cruising.

    The headlight:

    Our Air Black CNC headlight is a 13 cm model with a lower support fitting in the brat codes. This one is sleeker as it features an aluminum shell and glossy black paint.

    The rear lights:

    On the aluminum mudguard the BRATSTYLE rear light takes its rightful place. Its retro aspect remains in the Brat theme. It may be accompanied by the license plate.

    The exhaust:

    A self-respecting bratstyle with a megaphone type exhaust. Our black megaphone exhaust has the particularity of having a screw system to adjust the sound volume . In addition, it has an original conical outlet different from the traditional rounded outlet.

    The air filter:

    For filtration and to simplify the line of the bike, our tulips with grille can take the place of the air box.


    What budget to transform your motorcycle into Brat Style

    For a basic preparation, ie by changing the minimum of parts it is necessary to count 300-400 euros.

    For a good complete preparation and thus to have a nice result, it is necessary to plan around 1000-1500 euros.

    Here are the parts in detail:

    - Tank: 190€

    - Rear frame buckle: 40€

    - Saddle: 150€

    - Handlebar: 80€

    - Mudguards: 80€

    - Headlight: 90€

    - Rear lights: 40€

    - Indicators: 40€

    - Meter: 40€

    - Exhaust: 150€

    - Tulip: 29€

    A total of less than 1000€. To which we can add other costs if we reduce the height of the motorcycle for example, or a welding service.


    We have seen what the components that make up the original Bratstyle , ie everything you need to have a cool, affordable and different motorcycle.

    Comfort is an integral part of the Bratstyle philosophy, as well as a cool position to ride quietly on the handlebars of a different motorcycle.

    Sobriety is a key element of this type of customization.

    Our goal is to inform you about the " Bratstyle " concept and its origin. You are of course not obliged to respect these characteristics to the letter for your preparation. However, this Japanese approach can bring you a different perspective on your project.



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    Bravo pour article bien détaillé .

    Baraldi Patrice
    Baraldi Patrice

    January 19, 2021

    Bravo pour cet excellent article d’introduction au Bratstyle. J’ai en projet une préparation bratstyle sur base Moto Guzzi V65 et je vais m’inspirer de l’étude dedessins photoshop intitulée “variations sur base V65” realisee par Barbara Custom Motocycle. Tout les codes Brat que vous avez décrit y sont. À bientôt, je n’hésiterai pas à vous faire parvenir des photos du projet dont le début est prévu cet été ;-)

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