• 48 LED LED LED band


    • Rear elections, stop and indicators
    • Super bright led chip
    • Simple installation
    • 48 LED in total
    • Waterproof
    • 72 -hour delivery






    Install an Moto LED strip to modernize your motorcycle

    • Back lights, stop lights and indicators: This LED strip is designed to operate as rear lights, stop lights and indicators, offering a versatile solution for lighting your motorcycle.
    • Super bright led chip: The LEDs used have a super luminous chip, offering brightness up to 8 times that of traditional incandescent bulbs. This guarantees increased visibility and better safety on the road.
    • Simple installation: The installation of this LED strip is simple and does not require advanced technical skills. Detailed instructions are provided to facilitate the process.
    • Sit where you want thanks to the adhesive band: The LED strip is equipped with a robust adhesive strip which allows you to easily install it on different surfaces of your motorcycle, thus offering great flexibility of installation.
    • 48 LED in total: With a total of 48 LEDs, including 16 dedicated to the indicators and 32 for fire and brake, this LED band ensures a uniform and effective illumination, improving the visibility of your motorcycle on the road.
    • Waterproof : This LED strip is designed to be water resistant, which makes it suitable for use under different weather conditions, ensuring reliable long -term performance.
    • Delivery 72 hours: Take advantage of fast delivery in just 72 hours, allowing you to receive your LED band quickly and start installing it without delay.

    Demonstration video:

    Features :

    1. Materials: Silica gel + electronic system
    2. Light color: red +orange
    3. Number of LEDs: 48 LEDs (32-3528-Rouge-SMD + 16-3014-Orange-SMD)
    4. Voltage: 12V
    5. Power: 5W
    6. Current: 0.12a
    7. Life: 50,000 hours
    8. Application: Used for lights, brakes and indicators
    9. Layout: Universal product

    Wiring correspondence:
    Black: earth / negative
    Red: brake fire (red LED)
    White: rear / red light (red LED)
    Green: Left flashing (Orange LED)
    YELLOW : Turn signal right (Led Orange)

    The dimensions :

    • Length: 20 cm
    • Width: 1.3 cm
    • Wire length: 47.5 cm

    Difference between a 48 LED model with a 32 LED model:

    Motorcycle led band

    What to connect a motorcycle led band?

    To connect an LED strip on a motorcycle, you will need the following elements:

    1. LED strip : Choose an LED strip designed specifically for use on a motorcycle, water and vibrations.

    2. Electrical wiring : Make sure you have an electric wiring suitable for the voltage of your motorcycle (usually 12 volts for motorcycles).

    3. On/stop switch : It may be useful to install a switch to easily activate or deactivate LEDs according to your needs. Or you use the original circuit and commodos.

    4. Connectors : Appropriate electrical connectors to connect the wires of the LED strip to the wiring of your motorcycle.

    5. Resistant adhesive : To fix the LED strip in a secure manner on your motorcycle. Our LED band already has an adhesive.

    Note :

    Resistors and/or a flashing LED power station are necessary if your original indicators are a bulb.