• DB Killer motorcycle chicane size 35 to 60 mm


    • Universal motorcycle chicane
    • Reduces sound
    • Removable
    • Easy installation
    • Adjustable sound power
    • 72 -hour delivery
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    Reduce noise with our motorcycle chicane

    What is a DB killer chicane?

    There motorcycle chicane is also called "db killer", which literally means "decibels killer". This "kills the noise" of the exhaust.

    A motorcycle chicane is a product used to Reduce the exhaust sound. 

    It is generally a long perforated tube which extends along the flow path of exhaust gas. Exhaust gases passes through it, where the exhaust noise is attenuated due to the narrowing of the trajectory.

    Why install or replace a motorcycle bike on a silencer?

    The goal of the chicane is to reduce noise to the acceptable limits of decibels which will be comfortable for your ears and those of the police.

    From a point of view legal, decibels produced by a motorcycle must correspond to the original information of the motorcycle. Information available on the gray card and on the vehicle manufacturer's plate. 

    Moto DB test

    In addition, since 2019, new radars From the latest generations are tried to penalize the bikers in "excess sound". A new tax higher than the cost of a Chicane DB Killer.

    It is the same with certain roads which are now prohibited to certain motorcycles because they are too noisy ...

    Does the installation of a motorcycle chicane impact the performance of the motorcycle?

    The original exhausts of motorcycles are equipped with baffles or DB killers to reduce the noise of exhaust gases and improve the efficiency of engines by creating counterfection.

    Manufacturers indicate that the use of non -standard exhausts can reduce the life of the engines, so the addition of a motorcycle chicane is recommended to preserve the performance and the longevity of the engine.

    How to settle the sound of motorcycle chicane?

    Db Killer adjustment

    Our exhaust baffles motorcycle have the distinction of possessing a removable part At the end of the chicane. This removable part Allows you to best adjust the sound volume you want to have on your motorcycle.

    It should be noted that two screws type BTR provided with the chicane shot on the chicane.

    For a motorcycle that tends to vibrate a lot, we recommend that you add a brake nut In order to make sure you don't lose the removable part as well as motorcycle or locktite chicane. 

    How to choose a motorcycle chicane?

    There motorcycle chicane is available in several diameters

    • 35 mm
    • 42 mm
    • 45 mm
    • 48 mm
    • 60 mm

    And in 2 lengths

    • Short
    • Long

    The diameter, expressed in millimeter, represents outside diameter, it must be lower than the inner diameter of your exhaust.

    That is to say that if your exhaust has an inner diameter of 36 mm, you must choose the 35 mm model.

    For the exhaust With intermediate dimensions, we advise you to use the lower size. Exhaust gases will be able to escape more, but that is to alleviate to reduce noise anyway.

    That is to say that if your exhaust has an inner diameter of 52 mm, you must choose the 48 model MM.

    According to your exhaust You can use the long or short model. There is a slight difference in acoustic level. The short will cut the sound more.

    "You can also take a model long and cut it if necessary according to your tests. "

    Features :

    1. Color: gray or black Depending on the version
    2. Length: 2 versions: short, long
    3. Outside diameter: 35 mm, 42 mm, 45 mm, 48 mm, 60 mm
    4. Thread size: 6 mm / m6

    The dimensions in image:

    Motorcycle Dimensions

    How to install motorcycle chicane?

    There motorcycle chicane settles in the silencer.

    Moto chicane installation

    You must check the output diameter of your exhaust where the chicane will be fixed to find out the diameter you can choose:

    Moto chicane dimension

    There is a 2 mm tolerance.

    Thus for the 60mm model is provided for 58-59-60mm models.

    And so on.

    How is a motorcycle chicane made?

    Moto baffles are generally made from light metal materials such as stainless steel or aluminum.

    They are designed to fit inside the exhaust system and are often equipped with perforations or internal passages specially designed to reduce noise while allowing an effective exhaust flow.

    Chicanes can be manufactured in different forms and sizes depending on the specific model of the motorcycle and its needs in terms of performance and noise regulations.

    How to properly install chicane motorcycle?

    1. Location of the location : Locate the place where the chicane must be installed in your exhaust system. Usually it is inside the silencer when it is present.

    2. Withdrawal of the silencer : If necessary, remove the silencer from your motorcycle by unscrewing the appropriate fixings. Make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions and consult the manual of the owner of your motorcycle for specific instructions.

    3. Access to the chicane : Once the silencer has been removed, you should have access to the chicane inside. It can be held in place by necklaces or screws, depending on the model of your motorcycle.

    4. Withdrawal of the old chicane : If a chicane is already installed, remove it by unscrewing the fixings that hold it in place. Be sure to take note of its orientation and positioning.

    5. Installation of the new chicane : Place the new chicane in the same location as the old one. Make sure that it is properly oriented and that it adapts perfectly inside the silencer.

    6. Chicane fixing : Use the bindings provided with the chicane to keep it securely in place. Make sure to tighten all screws or necklaces correctly to avoid excessive game or vibration.

    7. Reinstallation of the silencer : Once the chicane is properly installed, reinstall the silencer on your motorcycle following the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure all the fixings are properly tight.

    8. Verification and test : Before driving, check that the chicane is properly installed and secure. Start the motorcycle and listen to the exhaust sound to make sure it meets your expectations in terms of sound level and performance.

    By following these steps with care, you should be able to properly install a motorcycle chicane to meet your needs for noise or performance regulations. If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to consult a qualified mechanic or to refer to the manual of the owner of your motorcycle to obtain additional help.