• Commodo Buell XB Remm 2.0 HD


    • High manufacturing quality
    • Aluminum cut in the mass
    • For Buell XB
    • For 22mm handlebars
    • Remmotorcycle original product
    • Brand and design deposited
    • Sold in pairs with Flash Relay module






    Want to rejuvenate your driving position for your Buell? 


    Here are the new commodos Remm 2.0 HD developed by Remmotorcycle.

    We have returned our commodos "Plug and play" for your Drill. The assembly will only take you a few minutes!

    So you will benefit from the turn signals Harley Davidson With the comfort of the pulse buttons.

    The pair is sold with the module Relay Flash d 'Axel Joost. You can choose the operating mode Depending on your preferences.

    Why change the commodos?

    Original commodos are often ugly, bulky and in materials of low quality, few manufacturers offer beautifully invoked orders.

    Examples of installation of Commodos Remm 2.0 HD on a Buell XB:


    What are the functions of the Commodos Remm 2.0 HD for Buell XB?

    The left commodo, also called Motorcycle flashing commodo is composed as follows: 

    • A button for the horn
    • A switch to put the highlights
    • A button for the left indicator. 

    And on the rear part, a Additional button is installed and can be used for headlight calls (button type reset) 


    The right -wing simplified motorcycle commodo is made up of:

    • A start button
    • A button for the right indicator
    • A key cutter switch

    And on the rear part, A Additional button is installed and can be used for the counter for example (button type reset). 

    The design of the Commodos Remm 2.0 HD for Buell XB

    This is a product of high -making. They are made in aluminum CNC 6061 carved in the mass.

    THE commodos settle on the handlebars 22 mm (7/8 ") of the Buell XB.

    No wires to install, welding buttons, sheaths to slip:

    THE son are installed in A braided sheath and already has connectors to install them directly on your Drill.

    How will I gain in comfort?

    Thanks to the module Axel Joost "Multi Flash Relay" The indicators can stop automatically and a warning function is added.

    • Quick pressure on the flashing button: 4 flashes and the indicators stop automatically.
    • Pressure from 0.5S to 1S on the flashing button: 30 flashes and indicators automatically stop.
    • Pressure greater than 1S, permanent switching on the indicator.
    • A new pressure extinguishes the indicator.
    • Pressure on the left and right flashing buttons at the same time allows activity lights to activity (warning).


    "Plug-And-Play" version for Buell XB what exactly?


    We offer our Commodos Remm 2.0 HD Wired and provided original connectors. You just have to dismantle your old commodos. The connective sockets are behind the protection bubble. 

    You won't be able to go wrong For connection because the sockets are different.

    Thanks to the module Relay Flash, you can remove your original flashing plant. So you can use LED indicators no problem.

    The dimensions in image:



    Note : In pre -order, available from September.

    Installation example:


    Note : Made on order