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  • Mounting Type 2 digital counter


    1. Wire connection

    Thick headed :

    Yellow: +5V from speed sensor

    Blue: High beam

    Green/Red: Neutral point

    Yellow/White: Fuel level

    Speed: red

    Tachometer: Blue/white

    Right turn signal: light blue

    Left indicator: orange

    Terminal 2:

    Pink: Speed ​​1

    Blue/Red: Speed ​​2

    Green/black: Speed ​​3

    Yellow/Red: Speed ​​4

    Brown/White: Speed ​​5

    Dark brown “Dark tea”: Speed ​​6

    Terminal 3:

    Black: Pole +

    Violet: Pole + after contact

    Green: Pole -

    Brown/Red: EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)/Engine problem


  • Account round

    The tachometer (light blue wire) is to be installed at the negative output of the coil.

    Example CB650 from 1979:

    If it does not work this way (as on the BMW K100 for example), it must be installed as follows:

  • Odometer

  • The probe must be installed on a support (the stirrup for example) and the magnet(s) installed on the disc. It is preferable to install the magnets as close as possible to the sensor (<8 mm).

    3. Settings

    Go to menu

    To reach the settings menu, you must lock the button for 3 to 5 seconds then switch on the ignition.


    Note: it's not the same counter but it's the same principle.

    The menus 

    1. Briefly press the button to switch between odometer and trip meter.
    2. When all the wires of the meter are connected and the battery, turn the ignition to turn on the meter, then turn off the power +, long press the button, then turn on the power again, to change between km and mile.
    3. When the daily kms are displayed, long press to reset.
    4. When the meter displays the odometer, Long press the button to adjust the hour. Short press to adjust the hour then long press to switch to minutes Short press to adjust the minutes. Finally, press long enough to save or wait 5 seconds without pressing to exit this setting.
    5. When the meter is off, press the button then switch on the ignition.

    Short press to set value and long press to change settings.

    1. Circumference adjustment:

      It is displayed: "C----"

      "----" means the default wheel circumference.

      How to define your circumference? Calculate the perimeter of the wheel.

      Calculation of the perimeter of a circle:

      P = 2x x Radius (in mm)

      Radius = Centerline of the wheel at the end of the tire.

      Note: If during the test the meter has an error of 5 to 10%, you must add 5% to this result (P*1.05)

      Once calculated, you can fill in the data.

      The thousands number will flash at this time, short press to change the current number.

      After a few seconds, the device automatically switches to the hundreds setting, then the tens setting.

      Its range is 50~2600mm.

      Hold the button for 3 seconds to save, then enter setting area 2.

      2. The number of magnets

      It is displayed "XX".

      XX means the default. The setting range is 1~12. This is the number of magnets installed on the wheel.

      There are 2 magnetic steels in the package, so please change the number to 2.

      It might be better to place the two magnetic steels in a different angle of the tire.

      Two magnets are normally more accurate than one (faster speed refresh). In some cases the difference is minimal.

      Note: it is best to try with 1 or 2 magnets to find out which configuration suits you best.

      Hold the button for 3 seconds to save, then enter the cylinder number setting area.

      3. Number of cylinder

        It is displayed "X"

        2 means the number of engine cylinders is 2.

        Single cylinders and double cylinders do not need to be tuned (default=2).

        3 corresponds to 3 cylinders

        4 corresponds to 4 cylinders

        Press the key to set the number of cylinders.

        Note: Attention once configured, it is impossible to reconfigure it without starting all over again.

        Hold the button for 3 seconds to save, then enter the fuel meter wire number setting area.