• NINE T Saddle + LED Kit

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    • The cafe racer kit for the ultimate
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    Remmotorcycle Atelier presents this magnificent motorcycle accessory for BMW R ninet.

    This kit is perfect as part of a motorcycle preparation in Café Racer.

    This is a kit plug and play (no modification to make) including:

    • Saddle
    • The short support with LED band
    • Connection accessories

    The kit is reversible, it can be installed and removed as you see fit.


    The BMW R Nine T

    There Bmw r nine t is a roadster type motorcycle produced by BMW Motorrad. Launched in 2013, it is considered a emblematic model For the German brand.

    There Bmw r nine t is characterized by its style vintage, with lines classic and a silhouette elegant. It is equipped with an engine Boxer air cooling, offering significant power and Exceptional performance.

    There Bmw r nine t is also appreciated for its versatility, with a chassis robust and a higher quality suspension that makes it adapted to a variety of driving conditions.

    In short, it is a motorcycle that combines style, power and performance to offer an unforgettable driving experience.



    The saddle is made by hand and to order by a master sellier.

    Nine t saddle


    It is garnished with a comfortable foam covered from 2 coverings:

    • Nappa:

    The leather Nappa is a type of Fine and soft leather which is often used in making articles luxury such as clothing, shoes and fashion accessories.

    It is generally made from sheep's, veal or kid skin and is characterized by its softness, flexibility and shine.

    Nappa leather is also known for its sustainability and his Ability to keep its shape over time.


    • Alcantara:

    Alcantara is a synthetic material top of the line Used for the manufacture of fashion, interior decoration and technology products.

    It is designed to imitate the texture and feeling of leather, while offering a better water and dirt resistance.

    Alcantara is also soft to the touch and has a surface sweet and velvety which can be easily cleaned.

    Alcantara products are often used in cars luxury, laptops and fashion accessories top of the line.

    The alliance of these two coatings allows you to have a touchdown outstanding, to provide a comfortable seat and the Pilot maintenance.


    The saddle is sewn with white thread with a particular drawing. Sewn in parallel on the tank side then in checkered.


    There Nine t saddle was specially designed to be installed with short LED support.

    LED support  


    The support is made of stainless steel treated withblack exopy.

    At the front of it, there is a led band support which was worked to have a final rendering of high invoice. This one is in aluminum cut in the mass. This allows you to have this level of detail.

    The LED band is Japanese confection. High density LEDs allow to have a good visibility Day and night.

    The LED band has rear lights, stop lights and indicators. You can find in the photos of the product a demonstration in the rear light position, in the rear light position with the left indicator as well as in the rear light position with the warnings.

    It is covered with acrylic protection that can be black or white. It allows better diffusion of light. The light is fluid and integrated, no unsightly points. 

    At the rear, a plate support is present. It can be removed if you want to install the plate in another place as in "wheel lick" or on the side.

    The support is equipped with a waterproof socket to plug directly into the original lights.

    It is equipped with resistors and regulators according to the version of your motorcycle.

    Indeed, there are 2 versions according to the model of R nine t :

    • A model for ninet with halogen front lighthouse
    • A model for Ninet with headlight before LED

    The configuration of the electric beam is not the same on the 2 models, we have created two versions.

    We can support you to define the model that suits you during the purchase.

    This kit is a unique product in the world of motorcycle customization

    Kit installation

    The product is plug and play And reversible.

    A "plug and play" saddle for a motorcycle means a saddle that can be easily installed without the need for additional changes or adjustments to the motorcycle. It can simply be installed in place of the original saddle and is ready to be used without any other necessary work. This can be particularly useful for owners of motorcycles who seek to personalize their vehicle quickly and easily without the need for technical knowledge in mechanics.

    In addition, saddle is reversible. So you can put the rear backs, plate support and original saddle for the resale of the motorcycle, for example.