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  • Moto Guzzi Bratstyle by Cédric

    November 03, 2021

    Moto Guzzi Bratstyle par Cédric

    Today, we change style, with a 1980 Moto Guzzi V50 II made by Cédric in the bratstyle way.

    Here is the bike before the transformation:

    What modifications have you made to your motorcycle?

    Refurbishment of engine, gearbox, suspension (custom v65 rear fork and arm), installation of a Sachs electronic ignition, carburetor, lithium battery, electrical harnesses with central motogadget, sheet metal (refurbished rear end guard, shortened custom v65 tank and adapt for the saddle/tank junction, paint...


    Here is the result:

    Tell us your story with this preparation (Why this style? Why this model? ...):

    For the model, a poor Moto Guzzi wreck at 900 euros, a not crazy model and not really popular so the opportunity to express yourself a little. The style was to make it functional and rolling (I live in the mountains) so travel, to prevent the bike from being a tool of medieval torture. For the general line, I wanted a fairly refined motorcycle whose bulk of the work would not be visible, and above all not to adapt the style to the function but the reverse, so the frame was not affected. We had to deal with longer mudguards, an exposed battery (lithium ok, but accessible if you decide to express your dissatisfaction, so the box is closed and quickly removed just in case...) and wider tire tracks (originally it is a road bike) but impossible on the original mount, so repair of the transmission gimbal to adapt a california arm. For the general look polished aluminium/black and nardo gray on the menu. The saddle to my great regret is not made to measure, but I am really bad at sewing. 1 small year, 900 euros of motorcycle, 1500 euros of parts, a lot of beer, a lot of music and a lot of time spent doing things that worked and others that absolutely didn't. Sorry for the not great photos, the bike has 1700 km on this one, and against all odds it works. Cordially

    Here are some photos of the details:


    Thank you Cédric for this sharing, it's nice to see an Italian especially when she is well prepared.

    2 Responses

    Girault Philippe
    Girault Philippe

    December 16, 2022

    Boulot magnifique ………
    Tu peux être fier de toi

    Lucas Secco
    Lucas Secco

    March 12, 2022

    Hello. merci beaucoup pour le partage. très beau travail. Je trouve le style très sobre et simple ce qui lui donne un côté classe. j’aime beaucoup. Je trouve aussi terribles les échappement. d’où viennent t’ils? je me lance dans le même défis prochainement mais sur une base de V65 Lario. je sens que je vais bien me marrer.



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