• Jérémy's SR500 Bratstyle

    October 25, 2023

    SR500 Bratstyle de Jérémy

    Motorcycle brand: YAMAHA

    Model: SR500

    Tell us your story with this preparation (Why this style? Why this model? ...)

    "I bought this bike to ride two people because I already own the Honda Dominator published on your site which is for riding solo.
    I bought it at the end of 2020, unfortunately in the spring of 2021 I broke my hand so no motorcycle that year, the same for 2021 where I broke my hand and wrist and I had to lose it. use of my hands.
    With perseverance and good care I was able to regain mobility again so it was time to resume the work of preparation.
    An SR 500 bass because I like its kick style and the bratstyle side that we can give it.
    I'm a fan of Japan and a lot of sr serve as a bratstyle base, the same in Europe on 400 sr or 400/500 xs
    So I wanted to try to make one in my image in the simplest device
    A nice motorcycle for cruising on the banks of Lake Annecy or going to work or even a Sunday stroll.
    I wanted to give it a sober and refined look.
    I therefore opted for a bratstyle look that you don't see often, a small wooden support with the speedometer cable which passes through the front headlight to barely conceal the cables, the same at the rear at the level of the indicators which passes through the frame .
    A pretty dark paint that becomes light in the sun
    And some pretty firestone tires."

    A Yam Bratstyle with a made in Japan look!

    Regarding the modifications made to this Yamaha SR500

    Thanks to Jérémy for revealing this unusual Japan style look on our roads. Very good Brats-style choice on this Yamaha SR 500.

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