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    May 10, 2024


    Maxime's scrambler photo on the basis of R100

    History of the BMW scrambler

    Origins of Scrambler

    Scrablers were born from English "scrambling" races from the 1920s. Inspired by road motorcycles, they gain all-terrain capacities thanks to a high handlebars, reinforced suspensions and cramp tires. Today, these retro style motorcycles are perfect for the city, the ride and even a little adventure.


    Presentation of BMW Motorrad

    Since 1923, BMW Motorrad embodies the excellence of German motorcycles. Pioneer in technologies (Moto ABS), the brand offers a wide range: nervous roadsters with luxury Touring models, including adventure adventure. Innovation, performance, quality and security are their DNA. For demanding bikers.


    Modern and original model of BMW Scrambler

    Rnine t scrambler

    There BMW R Ninet ScrambleR is a retro-modern motorcycle inspired by the scramblers of the 1960s.

    It has a 1,170 cc Bickyller Engine Engine developing 90 horsepower, a tubular steel frame and long -distance suspension.

    Rnine t scrambler

    Its sleek and minimalist style, with its round lighthouse, its bombed fuel tank and its short exhaust, gives it a unique and timeless look.

    There R ninet scrambler is also a very versatile motorcycle. It is perfect for daily journeys, weekend escapades and even for a little all-terrain.



    Modified BMW Scrambler models


    BMW Scrambler on series R

    From R45 to the R100, the R series is the heritage of the German Boxer motorcycles.

    Between 1976 and 1985, the R series of BMW Motorrad experienced a pivotal era with the arrival of models R45, R65, R80 And R100.

    These motorcycles, heirs of a long line of Boxer bicylinder, marked the history of the brand by their reliability, their maneuverability and their character.

    Beyond their technical characteristics, the R45 to R100 were able to conquer the hearts of bikers by their:

    • Sober and elegant design: Their timeless line and their prominent twin -cylinder engine gave them a unique and recognizable look among a thousand.
    • Ease of maintenance: Their accessible and robust mechanics made them easy to maintain motorcycles yourself.
    • Versatility: Whether to sneak in town, cut the road or go on an adventure, these motorcycles adapted to all driving styles. 
    • Available parts: The wide choice of parts available on the market makes it possible to transform an R series into a scrambler, cafe racer or bobber quite easily.

    Today, BMW R45 to R100 have become collection motorcycles sought by lovers of classic motorcycles and preparations.

    They represent the very essence of the German motorcycle: robust, reliable and full of character


    R90 Scrambler by Customs injustice


    A 1974 BMW R90S transformed into a unique and efficient scrambler.


    Customs injustice gave a new life to a 1974 BMW R90S by transforming it into an elegant and efficient scrambler. The motorcycle retains its classic retro look, but it has been equipped with modern parts to improve its performance and reliability.


    Key points:

    • Optimized engine: The original engine has been revised and equipped with high -end parts, including a Silent Hektik ignition and SC Project silencer identical to those of the AGUSTA F4 CLAUDIO MV.
    • Modernized cycle part: The suspension has been replaced by high -performance Öhlins elements, the wheels are 18 -inch Sun with Cognito Moto hubs and Heidenau K60 tires, and braking has been improved with Brembo components.
    • Sleek style: The original tank has been preserved, but the rear frame and the saddle were made to measure. The front mudguard comes from a r ninet, the lighthouse is a new LED element and the handlebars is a Twinwall backtime.
    • High -end finishes: The painting was carried out by Custom design image in the United Kingdom.

    Scrambled it BMW R90S d 'Customs injustice is an exceptional example of the alliance between a retro style and modern performance. It is a unique motorcycle that will not fail to turn the heads in its path.


    R100 Custom Corner Scrambler


    CUSTOM CORNER is very present on YouTube and Instagram and we follow the transformation of a BMW R100RS of 1982 sports tourism in a roaring scrambler by the Dutch preparer.




    Construction philosophy:

    • Minimalism: The central theme of construction is the sobriety of the lines and a stripped aesthetic.
    • Renaissance of performance: The original 980 cc boxer engine is fully rebuilt for optimal performance, including valves, carburetors and gearbox.
    • Modern keys: New electronic, wiring, brake, suspension and lighting elements are integrated for better functionality and reliability.

    Main modifications:

    • Engine: Complete reconstruction of the boxer engine with new valves, rebuilt carburetors and a new clutch.
    • Suspension: The front suspension is replaced by a unit from a Ducati Monster.
    • Brakes: Brembo stirrups and discs.
    • Electronic: New MOTOGADGET electronic equipment, lithium-ion battery and modern lighting system installed.
    • Body: The fairing, the mudguards and the dashboard are replaced by minimalist components of Scrambler.
    • Paint: Original gray gray paint is replaced by a personalized royal blue with fine golden stripes.
    • Wheels: The original rims are painted in gold and equipped with cramp tires.
    • Saddle: Deletion of the rear loop and installation of a Bobber -style solo saddle.

    The result:

    The creation of CUSTOM CORNER is a magnificent scrambler that combines a classic design with modern performance.

    The minimalist approach and the raucous sound of the engine make it a machine that will not fail to run the heads, perfect for those looking for a unique driving experience.



    BMW Scrambler on BMW K series


    Presented in 1982 and 1983, the BMW K75 And K100 have marked the history of the motorcycle by their innovative technology and their daring design. These sports roads, powered by 4 -cylinder online engines cooled by liquid, were able to seduce the bikers with their performance and their comfort.

    If they shared the same engine architecture, the K75 And K100 were differentiated by their displacement

    If the K75 And K100 They are no longer produced today, they remain motorcycles appreciated by lovers of classic road motorcycles. They represent an important part of the history of BMW Motorrad and continue to seduce with their unique style and their undeniable road qualities.

    By their style and design, the K series are more suitable for making a cafe racer than a scrambler.
    However, there is what beautiful specimens we are going to discover. 


    K100 Scrambler by garage unit


    Garage unit, an Italian renowned motorcycle preparer is known for his kits that transform modern BMW into classic appearance machines.

    Their latest creation in series K, the skrambler, adopts a unique approach.

    K100 garage unit



    • Merges the current scrambler trend with the classic style "Gelände/Straße" (all-terrain/road) of the BMW K100 from the mid -80s.
    • Offers a nostalgic look to motorcycle owners K100 modern.

    Main Features:

    • Minimalist design: The superfluous parts are deleted to create a clean and light look.
    • Increased ground clearance and shortened wheelbase: Improves all-terrain capacities and maneuverability.
    • Custom exhaust system: 4-2-1 high perched exhaust for a distinctive look and sound.
    • Resin body and Kevlar: Light and durable body panels.
    • Öhlins mono-core: Offer of higher suspension performance.
    • Leather seat: Comfortable and elegant.

    The Skrambler of Unit Garage offers a unique way of personalizing a BMW K100, by combining modern performance with a classic scrambler aesthetic.

    Although the kit requires experience for its installation, the potential end result is a breathtaking motorcycle with timeless charm.


    BMW Scrambler on BMW R NINE T

    Even if the R Ninet is offered in a scrambler version by BMW, this is the factory modification. A further preparation can allow you to have a more successful and unique scrambler. 


    R nine t scrambler de hookie

    Hookie Co. is distinguished by its minimalist approach, emphasizing the essential and enhancement of the natural lines of the motorcycle.

    R nine t scrambler de hookie

    Here is the Moto Hookie Co. Kit for BMW R Ninet:

    • Offer the simplest customization option available for the R ninet.
    • Made with high -end materials compatible with all R Ninet models.
    • Main feature: Interchangeable tank covers allow you to quickly change the appearance of your motorcycle before each output.
    • Four styles available: Tricolor, Stealth, Track and Roam.
    • More than just a tank cover:

    The motorcycle kit Hookie May include additional components such as a sub-screening, a saddle, filters, etc.

    All parts are handcrafted in Germany from high quality materials.


    Personalization of a BMW motorcycle in scrambler

    Transform a Bmw In Scrambler is an exciting project that will allow you to personalize your motorcycle and give it a more assertive all-terrain look.

    Here are the main steps to keep in mind:

    1. Choice of the BMW model:

    • BMW Airheads: R45, R65, R80 And R100 From the 1970s and 1980s were popular bases for scramblers thanks to their robustness, their classic style and their relative ease of modification.
    • More recent models: some more recent models such as R ninet Urban G/s or scrambler can also serve as a basis.


    2. Aesthetic modifications:

    • Handlebar: Replace the original handlebars with a wide and high handlebars for better driving position in all-terrain.
    • Bellows: A smaller and rounder tank will give a more scrambler look to your motorcycle. You can keep it original or find a compatible from another model.
    • Loop and saddle: A bobber single -seater saddle or slightly tilted back is typical of BMW scramblers.
    • Mudguard: Replace the bulky mudguards with shorter and minimalist models adapted to water and mud projections.
    • Headlight: A round and wireless lighthouse will strengthen the scrambler spirit.
    • Rear lights and indicators: Opt for more discreet and shock resistant fires.
    • Exhaust: An exhaust to purr the flat. 

    Find our pieces here to transform your BMW into a scrambler.

    3. Technical modifications (according to your use):

    Suspensions: Consider suspensions with longer travel to improve the absorption of irregularities in the field.
    Tires: Replace the road tires with cramp tires for better grip on earth and gravel.
    Braking: Check the status of the braking system and make sure its compatibility with more all-terrain use.

    4. Additional advice:

    Keep the spirit scrambler: Do not make a pure all-terrain model, but keep a balance between scrambler aesthetics and road functionality.

    To inspire you, do not hesitate to consult forums and websites specialized in BMW scramblers and preparations.

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