• We pass a rigid bobber to motorcycle technical control!

    May 03, 2024 2 Comments

    On passe un bobber rigide au contrôle technique moto !



    Last April 22, 2024, we spent our Bobber fully modified At CT motorcycle.

    Our goal was to test the motorcycle ct with the motorcycle as much modified as possible.


    Here is the motorcycle in question from all angles: 


    We tell you everything about the subject.

    We are not going to hide to you that the controller asked a few completely legitimate questions in this launch of CT motorcycle with this Very distinctive model.

    We will review the different stages of the motorcycle CT, see the positive and negative points.

    And spoiler alerts that, it went well.


    1 - First step: pollution and noise

    Pollution control

    Motorcycle technical control introduces a pollution control.

    Our model has no indicated value concerning the CO2 On the gray card (V7 field) then the controller takes reference values ​​compared to the displacement and the year.

    The values ​​may be above standards if the Motorcycle is poorly adjusted, if it is decalysis, or the engine has been changed.

    Our advice to pass pollution control without problem (in case of doubts):

    • Moto is a carburetor, a good carburetor setting and an engine additive.
    • You can also install a small catalyst in the exhaust.
    • If your motorcycle is injected, you can put the original exhaust line or a small catalyst. You can also add an engine additive to reduce toxic gases.


    Sound control

    THE sound level is currently controlled by ear since they do not yet have the obligation to be equipped with sound level meter.

    It is, therefore to theController appreciation

    In 2025, the controllers will be equipped with a soundometer then the controller will be precise, not with a wet finger. The measure will be made in relation to the measure indicated on the gray card.

    Regarding our Bobber 125, it is equipped witha full house line (so not approved) With a chicane at the exit so it was deemed valid.

    According to the various returns we have had, the controllers appreciate that The baffles be visible, whether the exhaust is approved or not and this confirms a reasonable noise.

    Our recommendation here is to put a chicane, whatever your exhaust if it is not original.


    2 -Other control points




    There plate is in lateral position (not original). It is well fixed and respects the right dimensions, color and inclination.

    It's validated✅


    0.2. ID NUMBER

    There is a manufacturer's plate on the rigid frame (not original), the numbers correspond to the gray card.

    It's validated✅


    0.3.1. Vehicle presentation state

    The motorcycle is in good condition general, RAS

    It's validated✅


    0.4.1. Control conditions

    The motorcycle starts, ras

    It's validated✅


    1. Braking equipment

    The motorcycle brakes, ras

    It's validated✅


    2. Direction

    The motorcycle turns, no game in the direction, Ras

    It's validated ✅


    3. Visibility

    3.3. Mirrors or mirrors

    There is a rear view mirror on the right.

    Major failure ❌

    Normally, 2 mirrors are needed on a motorcycle if it at a maximum speed of 100 km/h.


    Important : Install 2 mirrors on your motorcycle if not. Note that the approval or the position of the rear view mirror is not controlled.


    4.1.1. Headlights

    The front and rear lights not of original and LED work. Ras

    It's validated ✅

    Important : The controllers do not check the homologation of the lights.


    4.4.1. Management indicators and distress signal lights

    The indicators were deemed too small by the controller.

    It's validated ✅

    Important : The controllers do not check the homologation of the indicators.


    4.8.1. Catadiopters

    No catadiopters present on our bobber, therefore a minor failure.

    Important : Clearly, the non-presence of Catadiopters is not a problem.


    4.9.1. Mandatory witnesses for the lighting system

    The bobber counter is minimalist and only indicates speed, km/h, odometer and backlight. Considered a minor failure.

    Important : Clearly, the non-presence of light witnesses to the clock is not a problem.


    5. Wheels, tires and suspensions

    Bobber rims and tires were changed by 16-5.00.

    They are in perfect condition. Ras

    It's validated✅


    Important : The controller does not have technical documents that can determine whether the frame is correct or not. He focuses on the state. 




    The rear suspensions have been deleted with the installation of the rigid frame.

    No mention was written on this subject on the CT.

    It's validated✅


    6.1 Chassis

    The framework has been fully modified in the rules of the art, by a professional.

    It is in good condition.

    It's validated✅


    6.1.2. RESERVOIR

    The tank has been changed. It is in good condition.

    It's validated✅



    Ras, it's validated✅


    6.1.6. Engine support

    Ras, it's validated✅


    6.2.1. Bodywork or deficiency

    Ras, it's validated✅


    6.2.3. Siege / saddle

    Non -original seat, ras, it's validated✅


    6.2.4. Driving commands

    The commodos and the handlebars are not original, ras, it is validated 


    6.2.6. Mudguards, antiprojections devices

    Missing front fender, minor failure.

    Important : A motorcycle goes to the same without front and rear mudguard.



    3 - Final result:

    There it is, we were relieved of 70€ To have the sticker on the gray card and be able to drive legally.

    More fear than harm for modified motorcycles.

    Ct motorcycle ok

    So, This fully modified bobber passes the motorcycle CT.



    4 - Conclusion


    In summary, even a fully modified motorcycle with A rigid frame, 16 -inch rims, of the sausage tires, a side plate, etc. pass the CT motorcycle.

    Controllers do not proceed to No homologation verification (They have no authorization to determine the approval of lighting, exhaust, tires or other element). 

    The approval of the parts has no influence for the CT Category L.

    A Clean and functional motorcycle has no reason not to pass technical control.

    Make sure you have a motorcycle in good condition, whether modified or not and it will obtain technical control.

    We can therefore continue to modify our motorcycles, continue our projects and no longer be afraid of CT motorcycle.

    That in a Bobber 125, it is ready for the season and will return in 3 years for the next CT.


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    May 10, 2024

    Même si cela dépend aussi de l’exigence du contrôleur (certains se prennent vraiment trop au sérieux), votre compte rendu est très intéressant et rassurant pour mon futur bobber sur base BM. Je me posais des questions quant à mes modifs, je ne changerai finalement rien au projet. Merci.

    PE Bourdin
    PE Bourdin

    May 07, 2024

    Bonjour, juste pour vous dire que le contrôle technique de ma moto ne c’est pas tout à fait passé comme le votre.
    J’ai des défaillances majeurs là où vous n’avez rien eu. Tailles des pneus, selle solo au lieu d’une duo, pas de cale pied.
    Le cadre a été modifié et mentionné comme mineur.
    Juste pour info ;)

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