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  • Vintage Motocross Scrambler

    February 18, 2021

    Scrambler Motocross Vintage

    Within the category of scramblers , several variations exist.

    Among the trends, the vintage motocross scrambler variant is increasingly visible. The latter takes up the codes of classic scramblers , but with a precise choice of parts and distinctive elements.

    Indeed, this type of scrambler is inspired by the motocross of the 70s .

    We will see the creative inspirations of this style, then the characteristic elements of this variant as well as the pieces to achieve this type of preparation.

    The inspirations:

    With the popularization of scramblers , many variants are present to allow professional and amateur preparers to offer different scramblers. One of these variants is to take inspiration from old motocross to make a scrambler.

    Here is the type of motorcycle from which the vintage scrambler cross is inspired:

    A Montesa cappra from 1970 (source: Pinterest).

    We notice the large metal mudguards, the simple and thick saddle, the number on the side, the specific tank and the predominant handlebar.

    If below, a KAWASAKI KX1973 , 2 times of 450cm3.

    In addition to the details seen on the previous motocross, we notice the rear buckle, which extends the saddle and serves mainly as a support for the rear fender.

    And now here is a 1970 Husqvarna 250cc 2-stroke.

    We find the specific elements of the two other motorcycles on this Husqvarna.

    Now that we have seen several examples of motocross from the 70s, we are going to see in detail the important elements of these motorcycles which are taken up by the preparers in the realization of their scrambler with vintage motocross sauce .

    Characteristic elements:

    The loop

    As seen on previous models, the buckle is longer than the saddle. The buckle's number one role is to support the massive rear fender .

    The loop is more or less straight or inclined depending on the model.

    As this SR500 shows, the loop ends after the saddle. The distance between the saddle and the buckle can be 5 to 20 cm depending on the models, tastes and preparations.

    The fender

    As this pretty TW125 being prepared shows, the mudguards of vintage scrambler crosses are large in size and are often made of raw metal .


    The saddle is very thick with dense foam to absorb shocks from jumps. The confection is very simple with few seams which gives a fairly uniform whole.

    The seat of this SR400 is almost as tall as the tank. It has a simple seam at the back.

    For color, most dirt bikes have a black saddle.

    However, when it comes to a preparation, it is possible to be more original.


    The handlebar is close to the usual scrambler handlebars, as it is inspired by the same base.

    However, the handlebars of vintage motocrossers are more imposing. The central reinforcement bar can be rounded for a more pronounced style.

    The reservoir

    Depending on the base chosen for the preparation, the original tank can be kept.

    Otherwise, it is better to replace it with a model with an older design.

    On this SR500 , the original tank has been retained. But it could have been replaced for a more atypical vintage model.

    The side plate with number

    To complete the resemblance to 70s motocrossers, numbered side plates can be added.

     On this CG125, the plates were placed on the back like on some motocross bikes of the time.

    They can also be placed on the sides, at the level of the air filter, under the saddle, to fill the gap.

    Examples of preparation:

    We are going to see a selection of professionally made vintage cross scramblers .

    Kawasaki W800

    A very big job has been done on this bike.

    As a reminder, the original motorcycle looks like this:

    The fork, the rims, the swingarm, the tank, the saddle, the buckle, the shock absorbers... Everything has been changed and reviewed with a view to having a vintage motocross style. And with 400 hours of work, Mário Raphael Soares , preparer in Chaves in Portugal, succeeded in his project. The project was carried out with Kawasaki France .

    Note that the legal elements are missing to make this motorcycle civilized.

    More information about this preparation:

    Get Dirty: A Kawasaki W800 with a vintage motocross vibe | Bike EXIF


    This Suzuki is at the crossroads between a classic scrambler and a vintage cross version .

    Indeed, this preparation has all the distinctive elements of the motocross of the 70's, but in a less extreme version.

    The saddle is closer to a classic scrambler saddle than a vintage cross saddle. It is thinner and more worked at the seams. The same is true for the handlebars.

    Regarding the front mudguard , it has the aesthetic codes of the crosses, but is placed in a low position, along the tire.

    More information about this preparation:

    Essence of a Motorcycle: Heiwa's Suzuki ST250 scrambler | Bike EXIF


    This R100 has all the characteristics of a vintage cross scrambler. It's both a vintage dirt bike and a civilized, road-legal bike.

    Dust Motorcycles has truly succeeded in creating an original BMW R- series . And this is not easy to do given the number of preparations already made on this model.

    More information about this preparation:

    Done and Dusted: Nailing the vintage scrambler vibe | Bike EXIF

    Dust Motorcycles produced several such motorcycles like the R80 Desert Sled:


    This model is inspired more by the motocross of the 80s than by the models of the 70s. It is mainly noticeable by the use of plastic instead of metal for the bodywork elements as well as the very imposing side plates.

    However, it has the DNA of vintage cross scramblers .

    Note however that this model is not "road legal". There are no headlights, license plate brackets and other legal requirements.

    More information about this preparation:

    Big In Japan: A Mighty XL500 from Deus Tokyo | Bike EXIF

    The basics:

    As the previous examples have shown, there are no specific bases for this variant of scrambler .

    The bases used are therefore the same as the scramblers.

    To learn more about the basics used for scramblers, here is an article about it:

    How to turn your motorcycle into a scrambler? - REMMOTORCYCLE

    The parts to make your vintage motocross scrambler:

    The loop

    Click on the photo for more information on the product.

    Changing the buckle closes the rear of the motorcycle frame.

    The choice of a raised buckle allows to have the same look as vintage motocross. It will support the rear fender.

    The fenders

    Click on the photo for more information on the product.

    For mudguards, the choice is large aluminum mudguards.

    The fenders are in the up position.

    The rear fender can be topped with a retro scrambler type rear light.


    Click on the photo for more information on the product.

    A very characteristic element of this type of motorcycle, the saddle selected is a model specially designed for its retro style similar to vintage motocross.

    Our model is black, with a seam on the back.


    Click on the photo for more information on the product.

    The handlebar chosen is a model similar to the model of the motocross of the 70s.

    The reservoir

    Here is one of the favorite tanks for making this type of preparation.

    Click on the photo for more information on the product.

    This tank has the right shape and is adaptable to most bases.

    Here is an example of a custom version available on our store:

    The side plate with number

    Click on the photo for more information on the product.

    To go with the aluminum fenders, the round aluminum plate is ideal.

    This model can be personalized. Numbers can be added.

    Other parts:

    Regarding the other parts used, the lights are generally bulb and old style. Avoid LED lights for these preparations. A small round headlight at the front, an old school rear light will ideally combine.

    For the exhaust , a high passage model with a scrambler or classic exit is perfect.

    For the counter , a small simple needle counter goes perfectly with this style.

    Regarding the tires , we take the off-road models chosen for the basic scrambler.


    We have seen together the particularities of this vintage motocross-style scrambler variant.

    The important differences are in the saddle , the position of the buckle , the mudguards used and the handlebars .

    Do you like this style? Tell us in the comments.

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