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  • What is a BRAT CAFE?

    Qu'est ce qu'un BRAT CAFE ?

    As the name suggests, the " brat cafe " or otherwise known as a " brat cafe racer " or " brat racer " is the combination of a bratstyle and a cafe racer .

    The brat cafe takes atypical elements from these 2 motorcycle preparation variants to create a new one .

    The 2 most striking elements of these variants are the bracelet handlebars and the "bench" type saddle .

    This type of preparation is very popular in Asia .

    The characteristics of brat cafe:



    The saddle comes from the brats' , a flat, fairly thin saddle.

    A bratstyle seat is generally easier for the preparer to fabricate, and the saddle bottom (or seat pan) can be made of anything from hammered sheet metal to stakeboard boards to fiberglass .

    Here is the example of a saddle with a fiberglass bottom in progress:

    Using a skateboard deck is a fairly common solution in amateur preparation.

    Here is a step-by-step tutorial, in English, to make one, here for a Yamaha XS650 : How to: Brat style flat seat on the cheap! | Yamaha XS650 Forum

    As part of an installation of a flat saddle , the installation of a buckle with integrated LED strip is of the greatest effect.

    As @marchal_custom_moto 's bike demonstrates:

    See this post on Instagram

    A post shared by lee (@moto_maniac7)

    This combination (saddle + LED buckle) is popular among bratcafe fans.

    Lowered suspensions:

    Here is another characteristic element of the bratstyles which is taken up on the bratcafe : the short suspensions .

    Indeed, much like brats , bratcafes are debased as much as possible. This gives a picked up effect, like hot rods and rat rods .

    Here is an example of a hot rod to illustrate the point:

    Here is a picture demonstration on a Honda CB360 :

    See this post on Instagram

    A post shared by lee (@moto_maniac7)

    The buckle and the saddle are a few centimeters from the wheel. At the front, the travel of the fork is reduced.

    Additionally, strap handlebars are often positioned under the upper triple clamp to lower the riding position.

    All this with a view to having the lowest possible , shortest motorcycle.

    The bracelet or clubman handlebar:

    One of the main elements that differentiates the bratstyle from the bratcafe .

    The handlebar is completely different and therefore the riding position is too.

    We find the more sporty driving position, the bust forward and the hands crushed on the handlebars.

    Below is a perfect example of a bratcafe cockpit .

    Note the lowered fork and the installation of strap handlebars under the upper triple clamp .

    The exhaust:

    The exhaust from bratcafés is often very short. This is positioned under the engine and does not reach the rear wheel.

    This contributes to the compact and close to the ground aspect of the bratcafé .

    As shown by this CB750 which has a 4 in 1 line that is finished with a short megaphone type silencer.

    Other items:

    The other bratcafe -specific parts are taken from cafe racers . Tires, lights, and other accessories are often similar to those of cafe racers.


    Examples of achievements:

    This is one of the most popular BRATCAFE preparations. This is a Honda CB750 made by amateur tuner @juhawalks .

    It has all the characteristic elements of a bratcafe :

    • A flat and fairly short saddle
    • An LED loop with integrated 3-position light
    • Short shock absorbers
    • Firestone vintage balloon tires
    • A lowered fork
    • A pair of bracelet handlebars
    • A short 4 in 1 line with a small cone exit
    • A chrome needle counter

    The few modifications made to this CB750 to make it unique .

    You can discover the entire preparation on his Instagram account @juhawalks.

    For a newer CB there is a series of videos made by a youtuber making a low budget CB650 brat café:

    Honda CB650 Budget Brat Cafe Build

    As well as the superb realization of Katros Garage based on CB400SF .

    A motorcycle close to the European CB500s of the 90s:

    Honda CB400SF Custom Brat-cafe

    We change brand with the video of the Brat Café preparation by Zeus Custom made on a YAMAHA SR400 :


    A very nice proposal where they kept a lot of original elements and made a nice original painting. Showing that it is possible to achieve a beautiful preparation by changing few parts.

    The basics for making a Brat Cafe:

    HONDA CB750

    This is the ultimate bratcafé motorcycle.

    Here is a famous CB750K manufactured by Brady Young .


    Here is a nice proposal from K-SPEED , the famous Thai preparer.

    More images on their account: k-speed custom (@eakkspeed)

    Here is another proposal found on asschier that adds to the bratcafe style of whitewall tires:

    MOTO GUZZI 850 T4

    Here is the " Zitadelle " the 32nd realization of NCT . A superb achievement in the bratcafé spirit.

    YAMAHA SR400 & SR500

    The beautiful SR400 made by a Japanese tuner.

    As we have seen previously, this model lends itself well to this styling exercise.

    The most beautiful bratcafés are made from HONDA CBs from the 70s and 80s. However this style is quite felt, all models have not yet been tested and operated correctly.

    The basics of classic motorcycles are sure to give beautiful bratcafes. We are of course thinking of the Kawasaki W650 , Royal Enfield Interceptor , their competitors and ancestors.

    In the department of classic motorcycles, we also think of the many neo-retro 125 models that will make good bases.

    Note that there is no bratcafé on BMW R series to date as well as Royal Enfield . If you have one, share it with us 🤟

    The parts to make a brat café:

    The loop:

    Depending on your choice between a flat or raised buckle, with integrated LED light or not, you will find a wide choice of size and style on our shop.

    Below is an LED model cut into 3 parts (tail and STOP lights and 2 turn signals).


    For the saddle, here is our type 1 model in black . This is an aluminum bottom saddle with a raised rear. This product is available in 50 or 60 cm as well as in black. It is also available in brown.

    For all special requests for sizes, colors, shapes, seams, we offer a made -to-measure model .


    The ideal handlebar for a BRAT CAFE is a bracelet handlebar or rather a pair of bracelet handlebars.

    Below is an adjustable model in black and silver.

    The front headlight:

    A round, black headlight with clear glass is perfect for a brat racer .

    You can add black adhesive tape glued crosswise for a more retro style.

    The exhaust:

    For the exhaust, a line specially designed for your motorcycle in 4 in 1, 2 in 1 or simple (depending on the motorcycle) passing under the engine associated with this conical silencer will make your motorcycle a successful brat café .

    The budget to make a Brat Café:

    Bratcafe is a simple preparation to make and can be inexpensive. Following the basic model, this requires few parts.

    In addition, some parts, such as the saddle, can be made yourself.

    A bratcafe can be made with a few hundred euros.

    As always, it depends on your desires , your budget and your starting base .


    We have seen the specificities of brat cafés , the type of parts that characterize them, some examples of preparations as well as the basics in order to achieve this style of motorcycle.

    And you, are you going to make your Brat Cafe? Do not hesitate to send us your photos!

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