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  • What is a bobber?

    C'est quoi un bobber ?

    Many motorcycle enthusiasts want to customize a Bobber motorcycle. It is the model that really meets the requirement of the motorcycle owner since all the modifications made to it must mainly come from the innovative ideas of the owner. As a result, this model is ideal for custom motorcycle enthusiasts.

    Bobber, what is it exactly?

    Literally and, basically, bobbed means cut in English. A Bobber is a motorcycle that aims to gain speed and performance by eliminating all parts that prevent this. This model was made popular in the 1940s and 1950s when WWII American soldiers noticed the motorcycles during "The Europeans riding".

    ( source ).

    Also, a bobber is a motorcycle that has all unnecessary components removed from the motorcycle . You don't necessarily need the diagnostics of a professional to know which parts are useless since the owner has every right to eliminate the parts he wants to remove.

    However, it is still advisable to call a professional before making the customization. Indeed, improper handling and inappropriate assembly could affect the stability of the motorcycle and cause a serious accident.

    It is especially recommended to keep all the vital elements of the vehicle. Also, these days, a bobber is mostly used for cruising rather than racing.

    What could be the reasons for this change?

    There are many reasons that would push a motorcycle owner to want to transform his motorcycle into a bobber .

    The first essential factor: the Look

    The vast majority of bobber owners have taken it upon themselves to customize their motorcycle in terms of looks. As mentioned a little above, the appearance of the bobber greatly depends on the opinion and taste of the owner. All this to say that a bobber is very likely to be the only model on the market.

    The second factor: power

    As noted above, a bobber has the principle of being relieved of all bulky parts, harmful to the performance of the motorcycle. A bobber is therefore a particularly powerful motorcycle, the performance of which can be adjusted according to the will of its owner. It is for this reason that it is necessary to call upon professionals to advise you.

    Nowadays, power is no longer sought after to have fun in bobber.

    Finance and interviews

    A bobber also stands out from other categories of motorcycle for its ability to save its owner money. Since the motorcycle is only equipped with essential parts, you won't have to spend a fortune on replacing damaged parts. Also, the owner will save time and money for maintenance . He will only have to take care of the fundamental parts for the operation of the motorcycle; and that by removing only a few screws. As these parts are more accessible, the owner will no longer need sophisticated equipment to perform maintenance, without the assistance of an expert in the field.

    Are there any rules to follow when assembling a bobber?

    Theoretically no, but technically yes. There is no rule that forces the owner to do customization in a certain order. The basis is to bring out your own style. What we notice however, is that most bobbers all offer this vintage style. And then as the bobber saw its source during the 50s, it is quite normal that these motorcycles adopt this vintage style. It is also important to know how to change the parts according to protocols that we will develop in the next lines.

    And we would like to note and emphasize that it is STRONGLY advisable to seek advice from a motorcycle expert. A modification deemed minimal can have serious repercussions in the pursuit of customization.

    On the other hand, the expert you have chosen should not impose his ideas since the bobber is a personalized motorcycle. It's your bike and you have to bring out your own style . It is also important to know how to choose the appropriate parts , do a little reflection before deleting an element.

    The best way to ride a bobber is to use a standard motorcycle that is ready for all types of modifications. Of course, almost any motorcycle in the world can be modified into a bobber, but it will make the job much easier and help you save money.

    The ideal is to have a classic model, adopting an original vintage design.

    We invite you to read our article on choosing the basic model . These motorcycles are also excellent for beginners since they often adopt a standard engine structure, which is easy to disassemble.

    So if you want to have a cheap motorcycle, you should opt for a classic second-hand motorcycle, simple, but which can accommodate many modifications. You can always visit the store in your area or check the classifieds. Once obtained, you can begin your customization.

    How to choose the parts to use?

    It is certainly essential to know how to carefully select the parts to be used or exchanged. To do this, you must contact a shop specializing in the sale of motorcycle parts. . If you are looking for materials, equipment, accessories, spare parts necessary for the transformation of your motorcycle, you have come to the right door. Shops like Remmotorcycle.com are there to support you in all the modification procedures. You will be assisted by passionate experts, who really want to offer an exclusive look to your motorcycle.

    When you are thinking of buying a part for your motorcycle, always start by researching the subject in order to know the reliable brands.

    Step by step, how to turn a motorcycle into a bobber?

    In this section, we will explain the different modifications to make to obtain a typical bobber. And never forget that your motorcycle should reflect your personality, your taste. Therefore, add all the personal touches possible so that your motorcycle becomes a reference among the bobber models on the market.

    The framework

    One of the peculiarities of a bobber is to have a rigid frame. Indeed, in a search for simplification and optimization of the use of the motorcycle, the preparers opt for a rigid frame. In addition, it greatly affects the look of the bike.

    remmotorcycle bobber frame

    Depending on the basic motorcycle, it is possible to cut and modify the frame. It must be taken into account that this has an impact on the comfort of the motorcycle.

    Indeed, this modification of the chassis removes the rear shock absorbers and the swingarm.

    In the image above, in red we see the differentiating part between a classic motorcycle and a motorcycle with a rigid frame. The frame goes down to the wheel.


    The seat is a key point to bring out the style of motorcycle that the owner wants to exhibit. Previously, bobber seats all looked the same. They have the same look as Board Track seats from the 1900s.

    high quality bobber saddle

    The basic model of the bobber saddle is a sprung solo saddle .

    The bobber saddle is the same as the model used on the first motorcycles. The springs make it possible to compensate for the absence of shock absorber and thus guarantee a minimum of comfort to the pilot.

    It is recommended to have a seat made on an aluminum / steel base in order to guarantee the correct rigidity of the seat.

    Regarding the springs, several models exist. For hardness, you have to find the right compromise between comfort and a minimum of rigidity to hold it well in turns.


    Exhaust system

    Shortening the tubes and changing the silencers are one of the basics of customizing the exhaust system for a bobber.

    bobber exhaust

    Bobber 600 shadow: Next bobber proposed by Remmotorcycle.

    Be careful, however, not to free the exhaust too much, you wouldn't want to have problems with the neighborhood either. Also, it is important to know that modifying your exhaust can have effects on the behavior of the engine. It is advisable to call in a professional in the field if you want the modification to go smoothly and that it does not harm the health of the engine.


    The handlebar is also a very important part in customizing your motorcycle since there are so many styles and designs available.

    bobber handlebars

    Photo: an upturned handlebar gives a lower position on a bobber.

    If you are thinking of replacing your handlebar with a new one, please check the size of the various accessories that will have to accompany your handlebar. You will also have to consider the various electrical installations of your motorcycle, connected to your handlebars. The same is true for the various cables, in particular the brake, clutch and accelerator cable. Before considering the look and design of your handlebars, you should always focus on compatibility. A flat handlebar always looks good on a bobber.

    In order to maintain a minimalist look, components such as switches can be integrated into the handlebars in order to make the handlebars "free".


    Getting custom lighting is within everyone's reach. Many shops offer this service: physical shops and online shops. However, the owner must watch the technical side by limiting the number of bulbs and lights to be installed on your motorcycle in order to avoid a voltage surge which can cause problems with the battery. The best option is LED lighting. This technology offers optimal lighting and does not consume a lot of energy.

    For an old-school bobber, we recommend a halogen headlight to provide the illumination needed in an aesthetically pleasing product.

    The reservoir

    The tank is one of the centerpieces of the bobber. Indeed, it is one of the only parts with the mudguards that can benefit from painting and give a visual identity to the motorcycle.

    bobber tank

    For a bobber, the Peanuts tanks are very popular are different shapes from the most rounded to the most square.

    The position of the tank depends on the preference of the preparer, it can be suspended above the beam of the frame or follow the line of the motorcycle by being more integrated.


    Again, a bobber is a custom motorcycle. You don't have to follow the rules since you will be creating your own rules. Contact real professionals like remmotorcycle.com to help you with your customization. Remmotorcycle.com offers all the fundamental parts for the success of your project. We can also offer you a complete bobber kit to customize. You just have to arrange it according to your tastes. Now, it's your turn to play !

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