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  • Which base to choose for a performance bagger?

    Quelle base choisir pour un performance bagger ?


    THE performance bagger is an unnatural preparation of a bagger on a sportier motorcycle.

    In line with Clubstyles, the aim is to improve the driving skills of a motorcycle, which is basically intended for driving cool, into a sportier motorcycle, more fun to ride.

    We have produced a complete article on the subject: Performance bagger: what you need to know

    We will now see which motorcycles can be used to carry out these unusual preparations.

    The most common basis for making aperformance bagger is theHarley-Davidson Road Glide


     Harley-Davidson Base

    In the basics Harley-Davidson, we will distinguish the Touring of the Softail. Touring bikes are generally used for Performance Bagger and Softails to make Clubstyles.

    In the Harley-Davidson Touring range, we find the modelHarley-Davidson Road Glide and the model Harley-Davidson Street Glide.


    Performance Bagger Street Glide

    There Harley-Davidson Street Glide is a popular touring motorcycle known for its iconic design, ride comfort and generous storage space. It is equipped with a V-engine, modern technologies and customization options. This high-end motorcycle is popular with motorcyclists for long-distance journeys.

    Here is a model prepared in performance bagger :

    Road Glide Performance Bagger

    There Road Glide and the Street Glide are very close motorcycles.

    The main difference between the Harley-Davidson Street Glide and the Road Glide lies in their front panel designs:

    • Street Glide: It has a "style fairingbatwing" attached to the handlebars, providing a classic cruiser aesthetic.

    • Road Glide: It features a distinctive "shark nose" fairing design attached to the frame, providing better aerodynamics and improved stability at high speeds.

    The choice often depends on personal preferences and driving style.


    There Road Glide is the preferred basis for making a Performance Bagger. Here is an example of preparation:

    The old Touring Harleys are also popular for carrying out bagger preparation because they are more accessible in terms of cost.



    Road King Performance Bagger


    There Harley-Davidson Road King is a classic cruiser style motorcycle, loved for its iconic design, detachable windshield and comfortable riding characteristics. It is popular with motorcyclists who like the combination of nostalgia and long-distance travel capability.


    Indian Motorcycle Base


    Indian Challenger Performance Bagger

    L'Indian Challenger is a bagger style motorcycle recognized for its modern design, powerful engine, comfort features and advanced technology. It competes in the premium motorcycle segment and appeals to riders who enjoy long-distance cruising in style and comfort.

    Less responsive than the Harleys, the Indians also allow you to make Performance Bagger competitive.

    In fact, this is the model used in competition.King of Baggers"in front of Road Glide.



    Other brands

    The phenomenon Performance Bagger is quite recent. There are no preparers yet who have completed a Performance Bagger on the basis of Honda Shadow or Yamaha Virago.
    This should happen in the future even if the low availability of parts may be a hindrance.


    What is the purchasing budget for a base to create a performance bagger?

    The price of a Road or Street glide starts around 10000€ for a model around twenty years old.

    The price can go up to more than 40.000€ if you start your preparation with a new model.


    Have you chosen your basis for creating your Performance Bagger? Which one do you prefer ?

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