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  • The best bases for making a Bobber 125

    November 20, 2020

    Les meilleures bases pour réaliser un Bobber 125

    For those who want to build their own bobber , the 125 is an ideal gateway into the world of customization . Reliable, available in quantity and at a good price, the 125 is a perfect little bobber . We will see what types of motorcycle is suitable for the realization of a bobber 125 then we will see the different models.

    To what type of motorcycle to turn?

    The natural choice is for motorcycles called customs .

    The custom comes from the USA, it is a type of motorcycle for long rides in a comfortable position (the saddle is low, the feet are forward).

    The original parts and the general shape make this type the easiest to transform into a bobber .

    Among the multitude of custom models, we have separated these motorcycles into several categories according to their origin and their type.

    Japanese customs

    In order to cover the widest possible range of products, the Japanese attacked a market segment neglected by other brands and dominated it for many years.

    The segment of small-displacement customs . Japanese customs experienced their boom in the late 90s and early 2000s.

    All the major brands have released one or more models during these years.

    These models are robust and many are still available today and run better than some new motorcycles.

    We have differentiated these models by engine. Indeed, the number of cylinders affects the quality and overall value of the motorcycle.

    Even if there are good single cylinders , we agree.

    Single cylinders

    Kawasaki Eliminator

    The opinion of the owners of this 125 custom are glowing, as this opinion shows:

    " it's a good motorcycle, report, quality, price, and very robust, which consumes very little fuel, nor maintenance."

    From 500€ on the second-hand market with work to be done on it. Between 1100-1500€ for a model in good condition.

    Suzuki Marauder

    This custom is light and very handy. Like these sisters, it is a very reliable motorcycle. The style is close to other models.

    From 900€ rolling on the market.


    The twin cylinders are more noble and provide a different engine behavior. There are two types of twin cylinders: motorcycles with in-line cylinders and V-cylinders.

    Inline twin cylinder

    Honda 125CM Rebel

    This motorcycle is very widespread and available in abundance on the second-hand market.

    The engine gives very good performance once optimized. On the other hand, please change the brakes urgently, the drum brakes are from another era.

    Customization level, we like the rear that can be disassembled without cutting, cleaner.

    It is also inexpensive with prices starting at €700 for a running model in decent condition.

    V-twin cylinder:

    Place now for the cream of 125cc customs . The most sought after and appreciated models for making a bobber . Customs with a V-TWIN . Indeed, this type of V-engine is associated with large American cars with V-engines. The image of the bobber was strongly linked to this characteristic, it is logical to want a V-engine for its 125 bobber .

    Honda Shadow 125

    The iconic Shadow , the charismatic custom on the market since 1999 is one of the best in its category and gives superb results in bobber .

    The price of V-twins is higher than single-cylinders.

    It is necessary to count between 1700 and 2500€ for a beautiful Shadow .

    Yamaha Virago 125

    It was the market leader for a long time before the arrival of the Shadow. However, there is still a great custom to make a nice bobber preparation.

    The engine is a little softer than the Shadow but the prices are more affordable. Even if they suffer the inflation that the market suffers.

    For 1200€ you can find a correct basis for your preparation.

    Noted that Yamaha proposed in order to compete with the Shadow the Dragstar. An improved version of the Virago . It is less available on the market and is a little more expensive than its little brother.

    Suzuki 125 Intruder

    Already present on the custom 125 single-cylinder, the intruder is Suzuki's premium version on the market. It is less common than these 2 main competitors. The price is around 1800€ for a model in good condition.

    Korean customs:

    There are not only Japanese customs on the market. Korean customs also enjoy a good reputation.

    Hyosung Aquila

    A nice custom with rims very different from these competitors. As a bonus, a quality and efficient V-Twin . Prices are similar to V-Twins on the market.

    Daelim Daystar

    Chinese customs

    The advantage of buying a model in this category is to acquire a base at a good price .

    If you are going to redo everything on your bobber , these motorcycles can be a good alternative to Japanese and Korean ones.

    Chinese customs have landed on the market after the Japanese have abandoned this segment to reorient themselves.

    Most of these customs have a Japanese copy 125 engine.

    Keeway superlight 125

    The opinions of this custom are rather good overall as evidenced by moto station .

    Lifan King 125

    Model not known for its quality. It has the merit of being inexpensive. To be preferred if you have major work to do on the bobber .

    MS Motorcycle/Hollister/Regal raptor/Leonart

    View Source Image

    These models come from the same manufacturer and have recently appeared on the market.

    These models have the advantage of benefiting from an original rigid frame.

    Which is very rare and makes it possible not to go through the welding box for people who want a rigid bobber .



    Aprilia Classic

    For lovers of 2 strokes , there is the Aprilia Classic 125 which is very powerful.

    Nevertheless its 2T noise is little in line with the bobber spirit.

    Then there are all the bikes that aren't custom bikes but can make perfect bobbers with a little work.

    We think of the Suzuki GN, Yamaha SR, and even a Yamaha TW.


    The custom 125 is the best basis for making a 125 bobber . The choice of basic models is wide and will suit all budgets.

    The best remains the Honda Shadow which allows you to make beautiful bobbers.

    If you want to see more about 125 bobbers here is a dedicated article.


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    LORILLARD Matthias
    LORILLARD Matthias

    May 16, 2022

    Je me pose la question de changer les jantes sur ma Virago 125 pour essayer d’avoir des jantes à rayons complètement chrome.
    Savez-vous si des jantes sont adaptables sur les virago?
    Et à tout hasard, avez-vous des photos de votre réservoir bobber monté sur une virago 125? ça m’intéresse fortement de voir ce que ça peut donner.
    Merci d’avance.

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