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  • The best preparations on new bobbers

    Les meilleures préparations sur les customs neufs

    We recently saw the bobbers and cruisers offered by motorcycle manufacturers in 2023 .

    Even if these motorcycles have bobber or cruiser inspirations, they have been reworked by preparers in order to make the most of the potential of these bases.

    We are going to see a selection of the best preparations carried out on recent factory bobbers and cruisers.


    Photo of the original model:

    Here it is now modified by K-SPEED:

    Source: Hell Kustom: Honda Rebel 500 By K-Speed

    K-Speed ​​is a very productive Thai picker. They make dozens of motorcycles a year and sometimes in several quantities.

    They have revised the CMX 500 , keeping the modern side of this bobber and adding their slightly manga touch.

    The whole is well drawn, very coherent. A lot of body work has been done. This gives a fairly racing bobber called " Sport bobber ". In other words, a sports bobber .

    We like the work done on the tank and the mudguard to which they added an engine shoe in the same style.

    We also appreciate the solid wheels and the matte black paint: A classic at K-Speed .

    K-Speed ​​also made two other preparations on Rebel 500 . You can discover them on their instagram: k-speed custom (@eakkspeed)

    More and more parts are available for the CMX 500 giving rise to very original preparations.

    Here is a Low-Rider preparation proposed by MotoLord :

    (sorry for the small image size)

    K-Speed ​​also offers a kit to transform the CMX500 into a scrambler for those who no longer want the cruiser style of this model.


    A photo of the original model:

    For the Vulcan S , we have selected two very different preparations.

    First, here is the incredible achievement of Oficina MRS realized in partnership with Kawasaki.

    It is a completely revised Vulcan S transformed into a Café Racer . It is difficult to recognize the origin given the significant work that has been done on this bike to achieve this result.

    In a more traditional style and keeping the style of the original motorcycle, here is a new sport bobber made by Revolt Cycles :

    This preparation is called "Toro", it demonstrates the aggressive and sporty character that Revolt Cycles wanted to give to this Vulcan S.

    Here are the biggest modifications made to this bike:

    • rear frame shortening
    • rear fender modification
    • installation of an integrated rear light
    • creation of a bespoke radiator grille
    • a new custom saddle
    • installing a sports exhaust

    The Vulcan S can also be transformed into a Low Rider as shown in this preparation in progress:


    Here is the original model in Sport version (2021 model):

    Here is Moto Strada 's proposal based on the Guzzi V9 bobber:

    This preparation redefines the Guzzi bobber proposal and becomes more of a rambler than a bobber .

    Here are the important elements of the preparation:

    • Classic TT tires
    • Conversion of bars and grease clips
    • Cut and resculpted steel front and rear fenders
    • Bates rear light
    • Fork gaiters
    • Individual seat in perforated leather
    • GP type stainless steel exhaust
    • Removal of rear foot pegs
    • V7 side panels
    • Unique Candy Copper Paint with High Gloss Black Detailing

    Now let's move on to an incredible preparation made by Anvil Motociclette:

    It is indeed the same base. Here in a very successful retro -style bobber sidecar . This realization is a marvel. We invite you to look at the photos of this project.

    Here is a before after to see the work done:

    You can see more photos of the project here: Turning the Moto Guzzi V9 into a gentleman's ride | Bike EXIF

    This motorcycle was made to participate in the final of the Italian modified motorcycle show Lord of the bikes .

    Anvil Motociclette is not at its first attempt, it had already made a 60s style chopper based on Guzzi V7 .


    The original model:

    Crowned Stallion by Rough Crafts:

    The Harley Softail Slim is very popular with tuners thanks to the retro bobber style and its 103ci (1688cc) Big Twin engine.

    This is the case of Rough Crafts who made the "Crowned Stallion" which means "Crowned Stallion" in French.

    This bobber keeps the soul of the original Softail Slim and makes it unique.

    We like the mix of black accentuated by the presence of gold-colored elements like the exhaust outlet; to the greatest effect.

    In a more old school style, here is the " Gold Junge 2 " project made by Bunderdike :

    This Softail Slim is equipped with a springer fork and an impressive handlebar. It takes up the codes of old- fashioned American bobbers .

    The color code is close to the previous model, a black base with gold/brass colored accessories and details such as fork springs, spokes, tank cap...

    You can see all the photos of the project here: Goldjunge | Softail | Bündnerbike - individual Custom Bikes (harley-davidson-graubuenden.ch)

    TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE BOBBER ( black version)

    Here is the original Triumph Bonneville Bobber black version:

    The most successful and successful preparation on the Triumph Bobber is Baak Motocyclette 's proposal:

    Baak Motocyclettes wanted to go back to the roots of the real American bobbers: a low and minimalist motorcycle, with a springer fork and devoid of any unnecessary features.

    The rims have also been revised to make way for Baak's Moon rims.

    A lot of work has been done to keep the balance and stability of the bike.

    In a more modern style, here is the realization of Hookie Co :

    We particularly like the short exhaust lines, the small suede saddle and the lowered fork which is accompanied by an LED headlight.

    Hookie Co realizes here, as always, a clean, sober preparation while bringing their style and their originality.


    Here is the original model in its black livery:

    Here is the realization of Tank Machine , a French tuner who is the Indian Scout customization specialist in France:

    They also offer a wide range of Indian parts and accessories.

    They also made the Asphalt model, which has a very sporty style:

    BMW R18

    Here is the factory BMW R18:

    Source: BMW R 18 - How The Bavarian Cruiser Came To Life (bmwblog.com)

    Much appreciated since its release, the preparers are beginning to release their vision of a preparation on the BMW R18 . And the first proposals are quite heterogeneous .

    Tank Machine is back with two models that will soon be produced. Two sports versions of the R18 with a rather sport cross philosophy for the first and racing for the second.

    Source: Custom BMW R18. Bobber Version from Tank Machine | DriveMag Riders

    You can follow the evolution of their first realization on their website and on their Instagram.

    Let’s switch gears with this impressive achievement by designer Bernhard “Blechmann” Naumann :

    This achievement required 450 hours of work. And we understand why when we see the result.

    The craftsmanship of the fork crown, the tank and the saddle is simply incredible.


    The Yamaha XV950 is not to be outdone and several preparers have already looked into its case.

    Kingston Customs made this XV950 inspired by Yamaha codes.

    This X950 is ready to race. Most of the parts have been handcrafted specifically for this model.

    Yamaha has offered several challenges to preparers such as Yamaha Yard Built or Yamaha Garage Challenge in order to promote its model and allow the creation of unique achievements on XV950 .

    Moreover, the Cafe Racer model of New Venezia Moto comes from one of these competitions.

    Here we are with a Vtwin cafe racer. An exercise carried out many times on previous versions of Virago . And it works even better with the latest version of XV.

    This one is inspired by the 70s with this particular saddle and a paintwork taking up the decoration of the Yamahas of that time.


    Preparations on new motorcycles are for people with a large budget.

    It is thanks to this that we have incredible and unique preparations.

    This also allows preparers to make themselves known and show their know-how.

    In addition, manufacturers such as Kawasaki or Yamaha have understood the importance of professional customization and now offer contests or partnerships to show the possibilities of achievement with their motorcycles.

    What is your favorite preparation from this selection?

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