• The best new SCRAMBLER 125 in 2023

    Les meilleurs SCRAMBLER 125 neufs en 2023


    125ccs are a very important part of the motorcycles on our roads. Indeed, they represent half of motorcycle sales .

    However, it must be taken into account that the majority of vehicles for A1 license holders (or called 125 license) are scooters.

    As a reminder, according to the law, the 125cc must not exceed 15 horsepower .

    In 125 motorcycles, an important part is taken by neo-retro or vintage motorcycles.

    Most 125cc of this type use an already proven combination:

    • Tubular steel frame
    • Air-cooled single cylinder, single overhead camshaft
    • 17 inch spoke rims


    The recent 125ccs are very close to the Japanese 125s that dominated the market twenty years ago. However, there have been developments.

    The differences are due to the Euro 4 and 5 standards :

    • Front and rear disc brakes
    • 70 / 30 coupled brakes
    • Electronic fuel injection
    • ABS (for some models).

    The simplicity of construction makes these motorcycles very popular because they are simple and durable .


    And in the category of neo-retro motorcycles , there are scrambler type motorcycles .

    As a reminder, the scrambler is a motorcycle stripped of all superfluous elements and upgraded to make it more conducive to off-road performance .

    We have classified the 125 new scramblers in 2 categories, the original scramblers and the rather classic models .


    The original 125 scramblers:

    In this section, we have selected the truly unique models . Whose styles are unique and these scramblers are very different from each other.

    WIND X-Rude 125

    We start with the small novelty 2023 presented during the EICMA 2022.

    This scrambler with a very modern look should see the light of day on our roads from spring 2023.

    This nugget was carried out via a market study in order to target as many bikers as possible.

    This very high-end model will not leave you unnoticed! Especially with its dual outlet exhaust.

    The Vent X-Rude in a few points:

    • Minarelli Euro 5 engine
    • Vent 3.0 steel perimeter frame
    • Combined Braking System (CBS)
    • 290mm front disc brakes 220mm
    • 41mm RSV16 inverted fork
    • RSV16 single shock

    According to our research, this high-end scrambler should be around 5000€.


    Bullit Motorcycles is a Belgian brand that offers neo-retro motorcycles from 50cc.

    The Bullit Hero is the most scrambler Bullit in the range. Its style is close to the old trails.

    With an inverted fork, a high seat height (up to 910 mm), a round headlight surmounted by a windshield, side plates and a SuperTrapp style exhaust , the Bullit Hero has an original style and is very comfortable in off-road .

    Although it is still in Euro4, it will still be marketed while stocks last.

    Note that this Euro standard motion is only important if you live in large cities where Crit'Air stickers are required.

    At the level of the price, its price increases and is placed at €3599.00.



    Brixton is the Sino-English vision of motorcycling.

    This is a real brand, not rebadged motorcycles, which offers motorcycles from 125cc to 500cc.

    The Felsberg 125 CX is inspired by classic enduros, the enduros of the 80s such as the Honda 125 XL .

    With its thick, flat seat, skid plate, high front fender and round headlight, the Felsberg 125 CX has a clean, well-defined style and is the only motorcycle of its type in this competitive market.

    This model is available from €3,299.00.



    Mash has been the leader in France of neo-retro motorcycles for several years. The Sino-French manufacturer offers a wide range of 125cc including the now famous Seventy .

    Since 2019, Mash has offered the Falcone 125 . This is a modern scrambler heavily inspired by the Ducati Scrambler .

    This 125 is equipped with an inverted fork and a rear shock installed laterally in the manner of the Italian.

    This is a unique proposal in the 125 range for lovers of Ducati's modern scrambler style.

    The Mash Falcone 125 is sold for €2999.



    The Scrambler model of the MASAI brand is also sold under the HANWAY brand in other countries.

    Produced in China by Hanway precisely, this model is exclusively produced for export.

    Masai offers a varied range of 125s , neo-retros but also "sports", roadsters and even an electric supermoto model.

    Even if the base is similar to many vintage 125 motorcycles, we appreciate the work that MASAI has done to give it an original look.

    In the radius of specificities , we note the presence of a 41mm inverted fork, an original exhaust, a high mudguard, scrambler lighting, a buckle and saddle assembly very well integrated and pretty (unlike other models) and large knobby tires.

    It deserves its name scrambler .

    The Masai Scrambler is available from €2690. A price well placed in this category.


    To find out more about this model, here is the MOTORLIVE test:


    Zontes is a brand that has been present for several years in France and which is starting to make a name for itself because their motorcycles are of high quality .

    It will not surprise you if you are informed that this brand comes from the Middle Kingdom .

    We're not going to lie to each other, this model is closer to a roadster than a scrambler . It's not the presence of cross tires that makes a motorcycle a scrambler...

    However, we can recognize that the Zontes proposal is original and stands out from the motorcycles on the market.

    The strong point of Zontes is on the equipment. On this bike we have:

    • 124cc 14 horsepower engine
    • BOSCH electronic injection
    • LED lighting
    • Spoked rims
    • Euro 5 approval
    • ABS
    • USB plug


    Zontes also offers the 125 V "Café Racer" which looks more like a classic neo-retro scrambler motorcycle than a café racer.

    Definitely the marketing department of the brand has difficulty in making the difference between the different types of motorcycles .

    We can only advise them to read our article about it .

    This model is currently sold for 3890€. A higher price due to a superior service in terms of quality and equipment, but this remains reasonable compared to other models.



    MUTT Motorcycles is a British brand of Chinese clothing that stands out from its competitors by its wide choice of models, customization and that puts a point of honor to detail .

    This brand is unfortunately still little distributed in France.

    In its style, the MUTT RAZORBACK is close to the BULLIT HERO . It is indeed the competing target of MUTT. It incorporates the characteristic codes of the Bullit by adding its own personal touch.

    The original elements of this Razorback :

    • Very short fenders
    • A short exhaust positioned under the engine
    • A streamlined saddle
    • Triangular side plates
    • An elevated driving position


    This model is offered for sale at the price of 3890€ from the French distributor BLJ 2 ROUES .



    SWM is a Sino-Italian brand which is assembled in Italy in Biandronno, unlike most of its competitors.

    SWM 's strategy was different from others, starting with larger displacements before entering the competitive 125cc market.

    This 125 benefits from a quality engine, a Husqvarna engine (Austrian company KTM) giving good performance with reasonable fuel consumption .

    In terms of equipment, this motorcycle has an inverted fork, an ABS brake system, a digital speedometer, LED lights and a superb exhaust with two silencers.

    You can check out the motoservices.com review here: SWM 125 Ace of Spades review

    This model is sold 3890€. It is therefore placed between the Zontes, the Fantic and Husqvarna.




    Source: motoservices.com

    Fantic is an Italian brand that has existed since the 1960s and has recently come back to the fore after being taken over by Chinese capital.

    The Fantic Caballero is placed on the high end of the market with a very qualitative proposal .

    It is ideal for demanding bikers who want a very friendly scrambler .

    Its style is original, the materials of quality and the engine (Euro 5) is powerful; it comes from the famous Italian Minarelli factory .

    The Fantic Caballero is sold from 5190€. A high price for a top-of-the-range service.

    For owners of the A or A2 licence, we advise you to go for the Caballero 500 Rally which costs a few hundred euros more.



    In the same roadster / scrambler style as the Zontes , Husqvarna is launching its famous Svartpilen in a 125cc version.

    Equipped with the same engine as its cousin the 15 horsepower KTM Duke 125 , the Svartpilen 125 is a great success.

    In terms of looks, it is similar to its 2 big sisters, the Svartpilen 401 and 701. This quirky look is generated by the tubular trellis frame and the very original tank / seat / fairing assembly.

    Indeed, this set forms a single block and provides an innovative design .

    The Svartpilen 125 is positioned at the top of the range in the competitive 125cc market and has everything to please quality 125 enthusiasts.

    Its price is 5299€.




    (or classic scrambler type models)


    After seeing the original scramblers , we are going to look at the classic models , models that can be assimilated to scramblers (or ramblers) or be transformed into scramblers.

    These 125cc motorcycles are more affordable than the original models. Indeed, the design effort is less as well as the equipment.

    These models are represented in number on the 125 market and the competition is fierce.



    This model has been available for 1 year in the BULLIT catalog . This is a classic type motorcycle with "some scrambler elements" like fork gaiters , lights and tires .

    The rest is pretty standard; similar to other models and competitors. The same goes for the engine, a 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled CG type that generates around ten horsepower.

    Note the particularities of this model: the yellow paint and a digital counter .

    This model is available in 3 colors at a price of 2299€.



    The Cromwell is one of the classic models of the Brixton brand , these shapes are more rectangular than these competitors.

    Another differentiating element, the very "old school" exhaust. On the equipment side, it benefits from LED lighting and a very practical USB socket.

    For the rest, we find the same elements as on the other models.

    The Brixton Cromwell 125 is marketed from 2899€.



    MASH 's bestseller returns in a "Copper" version for 2021.

    In terms of characteristics, the great classic, tubular frame, 11-hp single-cylinder engine, flat saddle, 17-inch rim...

    In terms of features, it is equipped with LED lights, a thermal strip on the exhaust line and a grille on the headlight. The rest is standard, which allows Mash to offer it at the attractive price of €2,599.



    Masai also has a classic model in its range. This is Gray Stone 125 .

    This one is very close to the Mash and it is available from 2360€.

    The differences are at the level of the counter, the saddle, the lights and the tank.



    Another French brand in the selection: Archive Motorcycle , which is offered by the Acsud-Sacim import group. 

    We regret the name "scrambler" for a motorcycle which is quite classic because the preparation could have been more important.

    However, we appreciate the saddle that is thinner than the competitors, the integration of the front headlight and the semi-digital speedometer .

    The rest of the equipment is based on the same elements of the other 125s in this section.

    It is sold at the price of 3049€.



    The Orcal Sirio is the scrambler-inspired version of the Astor 125. Model, which has been one of the best-selling 125s in recent years.

    Orcal is a French brand distributed by Dip Import Marseille and produced by Senke Motor.

    Reviewers praise the build quality for the price.

    For the look, the differentiating points are the following:

    • Old-style chrome double counter
    • Double humpback saddle
    • 18 inch front rim
    • Headlight with grid
    • High suspension
    • Fork gaiters
    • Kick starter

    In terms of price, it is offered at €2,985.



    As you can see, the choice of 125cc typed scrambler is very wide. There is something for all tastes (from the most sober to the most extravagant), for all budgets (from 2200€ to 5200€), for all styles (from the most classic to the most modern)...

    You will have to sort the offers according to your expectations , the budget , the look and the distribution network of the brand . to select the model that best suits you.

    Plus, most of these templates are great bases to customize . To learn more about the 125cc scrambler, here is an article dedicated to this subject: Making a 125 scrambler .

    So which of these 125 do you prefer? Tell us in the comments.



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    Junger Ramiro
    Junger Ramiro

    July 20, 2021

    L Husquarna ma convencuu complet

    Junger Ramiro
    Junger Ramiro

    July 20, 2021

    L Husquarna ma convencuu complet


    June 10, 2021

    Comme vous l’indiquez en fin de commentaire du scrambler Fantic caballero :
    “Pour les possesseurs du permis A ou A2, nous vous conseillons de vous orienter vers la Caballero 500 Rally qui coûte quelques centaines d’euros de plus.”… Un 125 a plus de 3999 € est une “hérésie” ! Sachant que pour la Svartpilen d’Husqvarna à 5099 € et plus, pour avoir une selle confortable, il faut encore rajouter plusieurs centaines d’euros !


    April 21, 2021

    A quand un trike 125cc, homologué route, pour les vieux motards ?

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