• Modifications to make a scrambler motorcycle

    Les modifications pour faire une moto scrambler

    Once your scrambler motorcycle project has been defined and you have the motorcycle. It's time to look at the parts to change and the scrambler parts to acquire to make this bike a beautiful scrambler.

    The severity of the modifications will depend on the basis on which you have based your project, up to major changes such as modification of the chassis, replacement of front and rear wheels, improvement of engine performance, use of wire wheels, and suspension modifications.

    The scrambler saddle

    The choice and possibilities are wide in the context of a scrambler. The key element here is comfort .

    Indeed, a scrambler is designed to go on all types of terrain . Thus the pilot must be at ease and seated comfortably in order to be able to take full advantage of his journey on the path or on the road .

    Regarding the shape, scramblers often approach saddles with a flat shape, a minimum height of 7 cm and are quite long .

    Regarding color, most saddles are brown and black . However, it is possible to be more original depending on the theme of your preparation.

    Here is a nice example of a scrambler saddle seen on Bikeexif, the HERO KARIZMA scrambler from INDIAN BACK YARD .

    This preparation has all the typical scrambler elements.

    This is one of the saddles we offer for scramblers. It is a diamond-stitched saddle that has a buckle for perfect integration.

    scrambler fender

    To perfect the transformation of a simple motorcycle into an adventure motorcycle that can go off-road, you have to take up certain motocross codes .

    Mudguards are one of these elements. They are installed in a high position like on motocross.

    This protects the pilot while preventing you from getting trapped in mud or other tricky terrain.

    For robust and quality mudguards, we prefer metal mudguards and if possible aluminum for better rendering and a better product.

    The scrambler preparation of this Triumph by Meta (image above) illustrates the position of the mudguards well. They are high up, a good distance from the wheel.

    REMMOTORCYCLE offers a wide range of aluminum mudguards and we can make a custom mudguard to fit your scrambler perfectly.

    Scrambler tires

    Installing large pieces of rubber will change your road experience . There is no other solution. On the bright side, wet grass and loose surfaces are now your friends.

    The wheels and tires you choose will go a long way in defining the style of your machine , as well as its handling.

    When it comes to rims, spokes do the trick in all but the rarest cases, and we prefer alloy rims over steel.

    Regarding the size of the rims, a combination of 17 at the rear and 19 at the front is perfect.

    A word of warning: check that your dream tire and rim combination matches the fork, rear swingarm, chain and more. To ensure the possible installation of larger tires.

    The Continental TKC 80 tire is an example of a scrambler tire with a nice design and a good reputation.

    Shinko's E804 model is a slightly bigger tire that is appreciated by preparers.

    Here is an example of this tire on a Ducati Scrambler :

    This model is ideal for 40% road 60% off-road use.

    scrambler handlebar

    To accompany a fairly high riding position, the perfect handlebar for the scrambler is a wide motocross-style handlebar . For a retro look, you can opt for a model with a central bar like the crosses of the 70s.

    Here is an example of an ideal handlebar for a scrambler :

    A fairly wide model, with a reinforcement in the middle.

    Above is a cockpit of a scrambler .

    headlight scrambler

    For a scrambler ready to ride on all terrains, a round headlight adorned with a protective grille completes the adventurer side of the motorcycle in addition to protecting the front headlight from stone projections because it is often equipped with a glass glass.

    On the Remmotorcycle store, you will find headlights with grille as well as the model below: A raw adaptable grille which is available in several types.

    scrambler loop

    At the rear, there is often a raised rear loop to complete the mudguard and saddle assembly.

    This buckle improves the aesthetic appearance of the back of the scrambler .

    The raised version is chosen to break the tank-saddle line which may be considered too flat for some.

    In addition, a raised loop combines perfectly with a large aluminum fender as shown on this Honda CM250.

    We find the same combinations on vintage crosses as well as on bratstyles .

    Remmotorcycle offers a wide variety of buckles as well as saddle + buckle sets. You can discover the products here: Buckles - REMMOTORCYCLE

    Additional modifications of the scrambler motorcycle:

    Exhaust scrambler

    With a view to crossing waterways and rolling over stones, it is preferable to have an exhaust furthest from the ground to prevent it from being damaged and therefore less efficient.

    This is why scramblers opt for a high exhaust.

    In the same way as the mudguards, this contributes to the style, to the scramblerization of the motorcycle.

    The exhaust of this Triumph Scrambler is in the high position (see semi-high).

    The outputs to the cylinders come out directly on the side to avoid being exposed to possible shocks.

    In addition, it makes it possible to pass the fords without risking having water in the engine.

    If you already have a high line, you can complete it with scrambler-type exhaust outlets :

    This type of exhaust often has protective plates so that the pilot does not burn himself. The plates also contribute to the scrambler look.

    Scrambler suspensions

    The suspensions of a motorcycle can be improved as part of a motorcycle scrambler project .

    In addition to improving the performance of the motorcycle, changing these elements makes it possible to increase the height .

    A longer fork and longer shocks are a plus in the off-road setting.

    Of course, changing a fork is an important job that is not worth it for all projects and all budgets.

    Moreover, this is " necessary " only on some motorcycles.

    The further the bike is from the world of off-roading, the more important this will be.

    Here is a telling example, a Harley Davidson. Before the appearance of Pan America, it was unlikely to see these motorcycles off road .

    This Harley is a pure scrambler transformation success story. The lines are neat and the style very present.

    It was made by Benjie of BCR who installed an inverted fork and larger rear suspensions (among other things).

    Some motorcycles have original shock absorbers of poor quality. Take advantage of a change of shock absorbers to select a longer version .

    Scrambler shoe

    Always with a view to protection while improving the look of the motorcycle, the belly pan is an essential accessory element in the construction of a scrambler.

    Regarding protection, it is installed under the engine and protects the front of it. It avoids the significant damage that can be suffered by engine cases in off-road conditions .

    During a crossing or with a stone throw , the engine may be subject to damage which may be irreversible and which can end your motorcycle outing.

    On some motorcycles, the oil filter is installed at the front of the engine and is likely to be affected during an impact .

    On the look side, the shoes are often made of thick aluminum giving an extra adventurer style to the bike.

    Here is a nice example of a belly pan for Benelli 500 .

    Scrambler fork gaiters

    Here is a small element found on most scramblers and which is part of the protective elements that contribute to the look of the bike.

    Fork gaiters are rubber products attached to the fork sliders and following the progression of the fork.

    We find the SR500 prepared by Daniel Peter's has fork gaiters to complete its scrambler look.

    The gaiters protect the fork from all external impurities such as sand or earth which can damage the fork.

    Other scrambler parts

    After seeing the elements and parts that are part of the scrambler universe, we will focus on the other parts.

    Indeed, changing these parts is common to all types of preparation.

    Among these elements are:

    The counter: Small and simple models are generally preferred for scramblers. A small needle counter with a few indicators will be perfect for a scrambler.

    The Grips: If you're building an "old school" scrambler, a pair of clubman diamond grips will go with the bike.

    Mirrors: For mirrors, standard models are preferred where the mirror is above the handlebars. Bar end models are not suitable for offroad practice.

    Stalks: If you want to change the stalks, opt for a simple and robust model.

    Turn signals: It is the same for the turn signals, choose a small model to reduce the surface affected by an impact.

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