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  • The best CAFE RACER 125s you can buy in 2023

    July 01, 2021


    The 125cc represent a large part of the rolling motorcycles on our roads. Indeed, they represent half of motorcycle sales .

    Motorcycles with 125cc displacements are accessible to motorcycle license holders as well as to motorists by passing a 7-hour training course and from the age of 16 with the A1 license.

    125cc motorcycles are small motorcycles generally around 100 kg and must not exceed 15 horsepower .

    Neo-retro motorcycles and customization have taken a big share of the 125 motorcycle market. There are scramblers , cafe racers, customs and even trackers .

    The 125cc are not concerned by the technical control.


    Technical point on the 125:

    Most of the 125 cm3 of this type use an architecture of the type:

    • Tubular steel frame
    • Air-cooled single cylinder, single overhead camshaft
    • 17 inch spoke rims

    The particularity of the latest 125cc, compared to the old 125, is the presence of elements corresponding to the new standards (Euro 4, 5 and soon 6 to quote them):

    • Front and rear disc brakes
    • 70 / 30 coupled brakes
    • Electronic fuel injection
    • ABS (for some models).

    The simplicity of construction and use makes these motorcycles very popular and represent a large part of the market.

    The 125 is an affordable pleasure for the greatest number. It is one of the gateways to the world of motorcycling.

    As a reminder, a cafe racer is a stripped down and coursified version of a standard motorcycle in order to give it a sportier ride.

    We have seen in our article dedicated to this subject the 125 scramblers that are available on the market .

    Buying a new 125 cafe racer can be an interesting alternative for people who want an already made cafe racer , without making any modifications to it, or only a few secondary accessories.

    In this article, we will see the new cafe racers in 125 version available on the 125cc market in 2023.



    Here is our pick of the best and prettiest 125 cafe racers available on the market for 2023.



    Bluroc (ex-Bullit) Motorcycles is a Belgian brand that offers neo-retro motorcycles from 50cc.

    The Bluroc SPIRIT is the Bullit the cafe racer proposal from the wide range of Bullit. His approach is rather original.

    We appreciate the GULF decor which is in the cafe racer spirit, the inverted fork and the exhaust.

    We don't like the shell-shaped front headlight and the integration of the seat shell assembly, rear mudguard, rear lights and plate support. It looks like a forced marriage .

    Although it is still in Euro 4, it will still be marketed in 2023 while supplies last.

    Note that this notion of Euro standard is only important if you live in large cities in which Crit'Air stickers are required.

    In terms of price, it is well placed with a price of 2999 € .


    Brixton is theSino-English vision of motorcycling.

    This is a real brand, not rebadged motorcycles (for the aesthetic part) which offers motorcycles from 125 to 500cc.

    The SUNRAY 125 is inspired has a fairly classic style, in the spirit of the other models.

    With its long saddle, its aluminum mudguards, its bar end mirrors, and its retro tires, the SUNRAY 125 has a clean, well-defined style and is the only motorcycle of its type in this competitive market.

    This model is available from 3399 .


    In 2022 Brixton is expanding its 125 range with this Crossfire with a more modern look than the Sunray.

    You will find this model in two “Charly brown matte” colors like the one presented above as well as the equally magnificent “Bullet silver”.

    This 125cc is placed on a rather high-end segment with its fully adjustable cycle part.

    This model is available from 3999€ .

    FB WORLD HPS 125

    FB GLOBAL is an Italian firm that offers top-of-the-range 125 motorcycles that stand out from the competition.

    This HPS has its own style. A cafe racer with a huge shoe and straight handlebars. Very original.

    In terms of equipment, it is very well equipped with an original Piaggio liquid-cooled engine, ABS braking, an inverted fork, etc.

    This bike is the perfect compromise for those who want to enjoy a powerful 125 while having a different style .


    FB GLOBAL offers a new version for 2021. In the news department, the engine is now Euro 5, it is equipped with a 7-inch TFT screen, new footrests and new suspensions.

    The new version is available with a price reduction of €3885 instead of €4190 .



    The BLACK CAFE model from the MASAI brand is also sold under the HANWAY brand In other countries.

    Produced in China by Hanway precisely, this model is exclusively produced for export.

    Masai offers a varied range of 125s , neo-retros but also "sports", roadsters and even an electric supermoto model.

    Even if the base is similar to many vintage 125 motorcycles, we appreciate the work that MASAI has done to give it an original look.

    In the radius of the specificities that are specific to it, we note the presence of a 41mm inverted fork, a red frame paint, a saddle with backrest and hull and a beautiful rear buckle like its sister the Masai Scrambler.


    The Masai Black Cafe is available from €2690 . A price well placed in this category.




    The MASAI MUSCLE is very close to the Masai Black Cafe if not similar.

    The only differences are in the colors and decorations as well as the presence of a front fairing: an element traditionally present on cafe racers.

    This model a little cheaper than the previous one at the price of 2590€


    Only one was missing from Hérald to complete the range.

    However, unfortunately you will not be able to drive it in France.

    This Sino-British brand is still not available on our roads.

    Be patient, with a full range and a distribution already present in our European neighbors, we should soon be able to roll it on our roads.


    This cafe racer with a super muscular look will be very easily modifiable.

    For example, the Bomber 's seat cowl was designed with a minimalist integrated tail light, but it can be removed and replaced with a simple clip-on LED for a more minimalist rear.

    The headlight cover is also easy to remove, and with the right tools you can change the style in a day for a more stripped down look.

    This motorcycle is also very accessible with a selling price around 2500€.


    Another French brand in the selection: Archive Motorcycle , which is offered by the Acsud-Sacim import group. 

    The Cafe racer 125 SP E5 is the brand's latest proposal.

    It is equipped with a 38 mm inverted fork, bar end mirror, an original LED headlight, a cafe racer type saddle, and above all, its particularity, spoke rims . We appreciate this proposal which allows us to differentiate ourselves from competitors.

    The rest of the equipment is based on the same standard elements as the other 125s in this section.

    We invite you to read the complete test carried out by cafe-racer-only.com on the 250cc version .

    It is sold at the price of 3249€ .




    The Orcal Sprint is the cafe racer-inspired version of the Astor 125. One of the best-selling 125s in recent years.

    Orcal is a French brand distributed by Dip Import Marseille and produced by Senke Motor.

    Reviewers praise the build quality for the price.

    For the look, the differentiating points are the following:

    • Old-style chrome double counter
    • Double humpback saddle
    • Headlight with windscreen
    • Kickstarter

    In terms of price, it is offered at 2899 € .



    We will end our presentation list with this Honda 125 R Neo sport cafe.

    It may have the word "Cafe" in its name, but the Honda CB125R Neo Sports Cafe is far from traditional . With its wide, muscular bodywork and metallic detailing, this is actually a Naked Bike that's taken the most ultra-modern route in styling.

    I included it in this list because you will be able to make the word cafe of this icon stick perfectly with some modifications via our choice of vintage pieces that you will find on our shop!

    It is probably one of the most expensive in the 125cc range with a price of around 4900€.




    The manufacturer MASH , specialist in 125 in France, is absent from our selection, it no longer offers a cafe racer variant of the Seventy in 2023.

    It's the same for MUTT motorcycles which offers many variants of scrambler but no cafe racer, too bad.

    The BREXIT may deprive us of several interesting models as presented above the Hérald cafe 125 sport, AJS Cadwell or even Lexmoto Tempest GT 125 Overview. You can always consult her models for your inspirations!

    In terms of novelties, we expect the Vitpilen 125 , the typical cafe racer proposal from Svartpilen which has just been released.

    We have noticed, in recent months, the decline in the clientele of new 125 cafe racers in the profile of scramblers and trackers. This is why the offer available on the market is less important in comparison with the scramblers .

    However, the cafe racer retains significant success with people wanting to customize their motorcycle. Indeed, it is quite easy to transform a basic 125cc into a unique 125 cafe racer .


    So which of these cafe racer 125 do you prefer? Tell us in the comments.

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