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    In the world of preparation, there are several great families such as the scrambler , the café racer and the bobber , to name the best known.

    Each of these families has defined characteristics and each has internal currents.

    Indeed, there are similarities that can be grouped into sub-family.

    Today we put our finger on a type of modern bobber called the sport bobber .

    The DNA of this type of bobber is that of the original bobber associated with sportsmanship , performance and muscles .

    It's about making a machine bobber more beastly . No more "chill" walks, we want performance; No more minimalist, we want voluminous pieces; No more Springer forks, we want an efficient chassis.

    First we will see examples of sports bobbers and then define their common characteristics.

    Bobber Sport preparations:


    Tank Machine is a French tuner that we have already seen on the Remmotorcycle blog. Indeed, their preparations have a special soul that makes them unique.

    Their job is to sportize customs and cruisers.

    They've done a lot of work on Indian Motorcycles but are branching out and doing BMW R18s now, and it's worth a look.

    On the program of this Indian Scout , we directly notice the inverted fork and the widened spoke rims.

    There are also a pair of sport gas shock absorbers, Beringer performance brakes among others.

    BMW R18 X FCR

    Precisely, we spoke previously of the BMW R18 , FCR ORIGINAL , another French preparer took care of it.

    FCR Original is a tuner who works a lot on Triumph but he recently offered us a BMW R18 SPORT EDITION :

    The black engine paint adds sportiness . This goes very well with the metallic gray of the set as well as the small black seat in alcantara.

    At the level of the striking elements of this preparation, we see the short exhaust line which stops under the engine.

    No inverted fork here but fork covers to increase the volume and therefore make the bike more muscular .

    On the other hand, the rims have been changed by an 18/17 inch set instead of the original 19/16 inches. FCR remained wiser than TM in this radius.

    Read the Bikeexif article: Sportiv: A more muscular BMW R18 from FCR Original | Bike EXIF

    Triumph Bobber x Thornton Hundred Motorcycles:

    Another new bobber on the market , the Triumph Bobber, received special treatment from the English at Thornton Hundred , who gave it a complete engine and aesthetic program.

    As you can see in the video below, the nice cruiser got an engine transplant and now makes over 200 horsepower .

    Indeed, a supercharged has been installed and an engine preparation has been carried out.

    In order to suit this new power, braking and damping have been revised.

    Thus an inverted fork was installed like the Bobber TFC model .

    The rims have also been widened so that the motorcycle is well on these supports. What a beauty.

    Here is a video of the beast:

    Fortunately, the new sports ones make more than 200 horsepower, otherwise they would be overtaken by bobbers.

    Harley Sportster 48 X Ellaspede

    In a slightly different register, because the base is in a different style, here is the Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight made by Australian Ellaspede Custom Motorcycles .

    This preparer, relatively unknown in Europe, makes various preparations on all types of motorcycles.

    In the radius of the modifications, this 48 is equipped with a large inverted front fork. The wheels remain 16 inches but the rear wheel is wider to 5.5 inches .

    The unconvincing original shock absorbers have been replaced by Ohlins which raise the rear of the bike by around 35 mm.

    To add sportiness, a 2-into-1 D&D Bobcat-Carbon exhaust system was installed in clubstyle style.

    A Performance Machine Max HP air filter and a Daytona Twin Tech controller are included to improve the performance of the 1200cc EVO engine.

    Important element to make the bike sportier, the RSD footpegs are in the rear position.

    Besides these modifications, this Sportster retains many original parts.

    To see more about this preparation: Ellaspede EB079 – 2013 Harley Davidson Sportster 48


    Walzwerk is the German BMW specialist.

    It is therefore natural that the new BMW R18 , which excites all the preparers, was entitled to treatment by the German firm.

    On the program, nothing extravagant, it's not the kind of house, but a refined and sportier vision of the Bavarian.

    Walzwerk offers parts for this R18 and this production is the perfect standard.

    We like the exhaust outlets under the SC Project engine, the new rear mudguard with homologated 3-in-1 integrated in the supports (!) as well as the small solo seat.

    The wheels, too, have been changed to a 16-inch rim at the rear and a 19-inch rim at the front.

    Here are more photos of this preparation: R18 BMW by the motorcycle preparer WalzWerk (cafe-racer-only.com)

    Tell us which sport bobber you prefer between FCR , TANK MACHINE and WALWERK .

    After seeing different examples, we can take a look at the different features so that you can achieve your Sport Bobber .

    List of features of a Bobber Sport

    The inverted fork

    Essential element to optimize the cycle part of a bike, the inverted fork also gives a more muscular look to the bike.

    If below, an inverted fork on an Indian Scout Bobber ready to set lap times.

    The wide wheels

    Here a close up of the Tank Machine R18 with this amazing wheel.

    Revising the size and width of the wheels will adjust the handling of the bike and is a good complement to a new front and rear shock absorber system.

    Sport shock absorbers

    Below is the Olhins Sport shock installed on Tank Machine 's R18 .

    Bobbers are not known for their suspensions. As part of a sport upgrade , the "new shock absorber" box must be checked to get the most out of the bike.

    The solo saddle

    To illustrate the saddle, here is Walzwerk 's model on a BMW R18 .

    The Bobber Sport is a selfish style. A solitary pleasure that others could not understand.

    Engine preparation

    Below is the preparation of the stage 1 engine on a Sportster consisting of an exhaust, a sports air filter and a reprogramming.

    Once the cycle part has been reviewed, the engine can be vitaminized to make the bike sportier.

    The preparation of the engine has no real limit (apart from the wallet and the regulations).

    You can go as far as installing a turbo or a big swap.

    The short exhaust

    The new exhaust is part of the panoply of engine preparation.

    In addition to improving performance, it improves the look of the preparation.

    The model made by BAAK for Triumph Bobber is the perfect example.

    The other parts

    To this we can add the improvement of the brakes in the event of chassis and engine optimization.

    As well as all the other parts that are usually changed for a preparation such as the handlebars, the switches, the mudguards, the headlight, the taillights, the turn signals etc...

    What budget for a Bobber Sport?

    Usually, the base represents the essential part of the budget and when the base costs around 20k€, it is not for all budgets.

    This is true for the models presented above, but it is possible to make sport bobbers on more accessible bases such as the Honda Shadow or the Yamaha Virago .

    I have not yet seen a bobber sport prep with more accessible donors. If you know of any, share them with us .

    For further...

    If sports bobbers are too nice and you have a higher budget, the next step is custom muscles!

    We will see more very soon.

    What do you think of sports bobbers? Do you validate?

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    February 01, 2022

    C’est l’aboutissement d’un bob qui aime encore quelques émotions.

    Le grand tourisme sportif a trouvé une nouvelle voie pour s’exprimer.

    UN RÉGAL de look sans oublier les sensations !!!!!!.



    January 27, 2022

    C’est l’aboutissement d’un bob qui aime encore quelques émotions.

    Le grand tourisme sportif a trouvé une nouvelle voie pour s’exprimer.

    UN RÉGAL de look sans oublier les sensations !!!!!!.


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